Massive embarrassment for Rahul Gandhi, French government responds to Rahul’s allegation on Rafale deal, says “Security Agreement happened in 2008 during Congress rule”!

Not just massive, but in a BODY blow to Rahul Gandhi, the French government has issued statement just hours after Rahul Gandhi made baseless allegation against the Rafale deal accusing the Modi government of hiding the details.

Earlier today, Rahul Gandhi in Parliament had raised the issue of Rafale deal stating that PM Modi was withholding the details of Rafale deal deliberately and indulging in corruption. Despite making the stand clear about the security agreement made between India and France 10 years back when the Rafale deal was first initiated by Congress government, Rahul Gandhi kept making false allegation in every speech just to create controversy. But today his speech in Parliament about Rafale deal was even noted by the French government which issued a clarification just hours after his speech.

The French government in its statement said “We have noted the statement of Mr Rahul Gandhi before the Indian Parliament. France and India concluded in 2008 a Security agreement, which legally binds the two States to protect the classified information provided by the partner, that could impact security and operational capabilities of the defence equipment of India or France. These provisions naturally apply to the IGA concluded on 23 September 2016 on the acquisition of 36 Rafale aircraft and their weapons.

As the President of the French Republic indicated publicly in an interview given to India Today on 9th March 2018, In India and in France, when a deal is very sensitive, we can’t reveal all details”


This statement of France has put Rahul Gandhi in a fix who literally ran away from Lok Sabha unable to substantiate his statement. He has not only caused major embarrassment to Congress but has now dragged and pressurized former PM Manmohan Singh and Anand Sharma to defend him.

When Rahul Gandhi was asked about the French government’s clarification, he only said “Let French President deny if he wants, both Manmohan Singh and Anand Sharma were also there“…………indirectly hinting them to defend his statement and left the premises of Parliament without even staying back for the trust vote which their own party demanded.

With this, the entire Rafale deal corruption charge of Rahul Gandhi has fallen flat causing a major blow to Congress party. The BJP, on the other hand, has moved privilege motion against Rahul Gandhi for making a false allegation and baseless comments on the Prime Minister on the floor of the house.

The BJP said, “While participating in the discussion, he made serious, baseless and wild allegations against the government and particularly against the honourable Prime Minister regarding the Rafale deal. He stated that the Rafale deal was signed during the UPA regime but when the PM went to France, the cost suddenly shot to Rs 1600 crore from Rs 520 crore. He also stated that under pressure from Prime Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman told to lie to the nation. He further alleged that PM cheated his own army on dealing with China on the Doklam issue.”

“Since the statement was baseless, malicious and amounting to bring disrepute to the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister, the statement made by Shri Rahul Gandhi was misleading to the members and the house. All these incidents amount to breach of privilege and I want to move a privilege motion against Shri Rahul Gandhi”.


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