Massive embarrassment to the Congress! Finally, the murderers of Paresh Mesta are arrested, do you know who are they?

On December, a young man named Paresh Mesta was brutally killed by the people of a certain community. The killing was so brutal that Paresh Mesta’s genitals were cut while he was alive and hot oil was poured into his eyes, split open his head after which they have thrown him into the lake.

The torture given to Paresh Mesta was very evident but the seculars and liberals tried to portray it as a natural death by saying that he accidentally slipped into the lake and died. Even the post-mortem report by Dr Shankar M Bakkannavar, associate professor of Kasturba Medical College said that “There are no evidences of injuries caused by weapons over the body of the deceased. The external injury no. 1 (abrasion) and external injury no.2 (abrasion) mentioned in postmortem report could be caused by blunt force trauma”.

But this report was immediately punctured as the father of Paresh Mesta rejected the report. Instead of arresting and taking actions against the murderers of Paresh Mesta, the CM Siddaramaiah led Congress government filed a case against 63 innocents. The police falsely accused them of rioting and causing communal tension in the area following Paresh Mesta’s death.

Even though the BJP hinted that the killers were associated with PFI, the Karnataka government didn’t feel it necessary to arrest the communals. But when the protest grew intense, Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy said “We have taken the decision to hand over the matter to the CBI. I have directed the Director General of Police and Chief Secretary to complete the formalities”. This he handed over the case to CBI.

Now, the investigations seemed to be going in right track as the police have arrested the killers of Paresh Mesta. Two days back, the police arrested Azad Annigeri and Salim Sheik. And now, another killer named Asif Rafiq has been nabbed by the police. Altogether, the total count of killers arrested has moved up to 3.

If Paresh Mesta’s death happened accidentally as he slipped into the lake, then why did the police arrested three people from a certain community? This has made it clear that Paresh Mesta was killed by the radical men belonging to a certain community.

Paresh Mesta was just a teenager but closed his eyes forever with thousands of dream that will never be a reality. Paresh Mesta’s parents won’t get back their son but they will slightly be satisfied if all the culprits are nabbed.

BJP leaders have alleged that the Congress government isn’t taking strict actions against the communal elements who go rampant at regular interval. Even the court had slammed the Karnataka government for arresting innocents after the death of Paresh Mesta saying that the government has not taken prior action and let the violence spread to many places and the arrest of 63 people looks politically motivated and ill intention. The court also said all the boys are college students and have no previous record of causing violence or involved in criminal activity.

Even during the silent protest led by pro-Hindu groups condemning the killing of Paresh Mesta, the police remained as a mute spectator when the Muslim mob was going violent at certain places. Time will only tell who else are linked to the murder of Paresh Mesta.

Ananya Sharma


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