Massive expose! Congress conspired Hindu terror to save Pakistan terrorists in Samjhauta blast reveals investigation reports!

Since years there were many reports which suggested that Samjhauta Express blast that happened in the year 2007 was not a Hindu terror act but an act of Islamic terror. But then the media was not in a position to conduct investigative journalism to find the real truth. The Congress conspired against the Hindus to save their Pakistani friends and invented a fake Hindu terror narrative.

But now, the TimesNow has exposed the real truth behind the Samjhauta blast which reveals true colours of Congress. Samjauta Express blast happened on 18 February 2007. Bombs were set off in two carriages, and just after the train passed Diwana station near the Indian city of Panipat, 80 kilometres a high intensity blast occurred in 2 bogies which killed 68 people and injured over 100. The people were burnt to death in the train.

The investigation was taken up by the police who released sketches of 2 suspects based on eyewitness. The preliminary reports revealed that these men had left the train 15 minutes before it started. One person was a Pakistani national who had confessed with the police that he had thrown a suitcase containing bomb off the train.

Here starts the Congress games!

Now, these two people who were arrested by the police were released in just 15 days. No investigation was conducted about their background. Why? The police then had clearly said the statements given by Pakistani national was uncountable and inconsistent. So why did they not subject him to NARCO analysis if they knew he was lying?!

The chief investigating officer of the Samjauta blast case yesterday made startling revelations in his report that the two suspects caught in Samjhauta blast were deliberately let go on orders of his superiors and few powerful people in the government. He has claimed that they were instructed not to investigate the two men and let them go without further questioning!


The two terror suspects Ajmat Ali and Usman were the people who had left the suitcase containing bomb in the train. The investigating officer had submitted report which said that Ajmat Ali had visited various places in India and had plans of many attacks. He stayed in hotel with fake ID’s. But no investigation was conducted and were let go in just 14 days.


The investigation report of the United Nations had revealed that a man called Qasmani Arif who was the chief co-ordinator of the Lashkar e Taiba had helped terror agencies in Pakistan to facilitate attacks in India. The record shows Quasmani was involved in July 2006 train bombing and February 2007 Samjhauta blast in Panipat. He received huge amount of money from Dawood Ibrahim and utilized it to carry out terror attacks through out India said the report.

These reports were available to the Congress government and the investigating agencies but they chose to remain silent and bury the entire Pakistan angle to Samjhauta Express blast.

This was a deliberate goof up by the congress government which wanted to protect the terrorists and built a fake and concocted story on the Hindu terror.  Swami Aseemanand and Lokesh Sharma was arrested in relation to the blast. The Congress immediately blamed it on the Hindu organization called Abhinav Bharat which was founded by two Indian army officers Retired Major Ramesh Upadhyay and Lt. Col. Prasad Shrikant Purohit.

Yes, you heard it right, it is the same Srikanth Purohit who was arrested in the year 2008 September for Malegaon blast. Along with him, Hindu leader Sadhvi Pragya was also arrested. But the police, ATS have not filed a single FIR against Col Purohit and Pragya till now, which itself shows there was no evidence against them and they were framed in a political conspiracy.

But the real fact for arresting Purohit was not just a matter of vote banks, Purohit was working for intelligence and had collected explosive information relating to the 26/11 Mumbai attack. He had informed his higher authorities that there was massive plan by the Pakistani ISI to execute a strike on Mumbai. But the shocking part is, Purohit had identified many politicians in UPA who were directly involved in the 26/11 plot. This was the main reason why he was arrested and silenced just 15 days before the 26/11 Mumbai attack in the name of Hindu terror without an FIR.

Now it is clear that Congress was directly involved in saving Pakistan terrorists and racked up a fake theory of Hindu terror to divert the entire issue. They jeopardized the National security, punished honest officers and saved criminals and terrorists and sold the country to Pakistan’s terror company! It is a matter of shame and disgrace that these people are still running scot free while innocent and honest officers like Purohit are in jail for serving the country! Will Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi come out and answer who were those powerful people in Congress who saved Pakistani terrorists? No amount of punishment is sufficient for Congress for the betrayal they have done!

Aishwarya S