Massive Maoist crackdown, CRPF nabs 500 Maoist supporters in Chhattisgarh!

Seems like the Narendra Modi government has launched a unprecedented attack on Maoists and naxals in the country hunting them down in every district and every state. For the first time ever, the CRPF has deployed over one lakh armed personnel and a heavy assortment of weapons and gadgets to tackle the Left Wing Extremism (LWE).

Since one year this massive force has launched full fledged attack on the Maoists dominated areas in many parts of India which has lead to the arrest of over 500 naxals. The anti Naxal operation which started its work since 2015 has been successful in neutralizing over 46 districts out of 90 naxal affected area.

CRPF Director General R R Bhatnagar told PTI in an interview that this fresh action is being undertaken by them in coordination with state police forces with an aim to deny ‘space’ to the Left Wing Extremists and to counter them beyond the field operations. “We are now going to the villages and we are trying to see that action is taken against their (Maoists) overground supporters and workers, ‘jan militia’ and other people who give them the intelligence and local support.”

“We are working with the local police and we are seeing that all the people who have been identified, either ‘jan militia’ or are wanted in different cases, they are rounded up (by the police). More than 500 people with the help of our forces have been taken into custody in the last one year in Chattisgarh. We are trying to see that their (Naxal) overall support is also reduced,” the DG told the news agency.

A senior CRPF official said that they are keeping a close watch on those people who are helping these naxals get ammunition, funds, aiding naxals in attacking armed forces and protecting them from anti naxal operation. Bhatnagar, a 1983-batch Indian Police Service officer of Uttar Pradesh cadre, said the paramilitary force is gradually increasing its footprints into the core Naxal areas and has opened at least 15 new camps in the highly impenetrable and inhospitable jungles and terrain of south Bastar in Chhattisgarh which shares borders with Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha and Telangana.

The officer said that 160 naxals have been neutralized this year alone in Chattishgarh and Jharkhand, as a result the naxal attack has greatly reduced.  “What we have also done is hardened our defences. We have also placed emphasis that it is not only only the special forces like the CoBRA (specialised jungle warfare unit of CRPF) who have to be competent but also the GD (general duty) battalion troops who need to be properly trained as they are in the highest numbers by way of deployment and they are facing the maximum attrition,” Bhatnagar said.

The CRPF officer also mentioned that the anti Naxal operation got aggressive after the Chhattisgarh’s Sukma attack that claimed the lives of 37 CRPF men. He said the entire team was shuffled and young-energetic men with well trained people have have been infused into the forces who dare to counter the naxals in every way possible. As a result, the forces have been able to sabotage 3 planned attacks on Army personal which has boosted the moral of the forces.

“We are also introducing a lot of new technology in terms of IED (improvised explosive device) detection and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) coverage, night vision devices, static surveillance like PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) cameras not only for camp security but also for keeping a watch on the roads. “We have tried to deny the Naxals the space to operate by deploying all these measures,” he said.

Overall, the anti naxal operation which was started under the Modi government has been greatly successful in curbing the internal enemies who were destabilizing the entire region in the name of freedom of speech. It is no surprise that the Maoists and naxal supporters in urban areas have been greatly affected due to crackdown on their ground supporters which is leading to the collapse of the entire leftist influence. This is exactly why the pseudo liberals have gone bonkers over the arrest of Maoists supporters both in urban and rural areas and trying all means to project it as emergency like situation.

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