Massive protests erupts in Mangalore against Kerala Chief Minister’s visit, Check how social media reacted against the brutal killing of BJP workers!

Massive protests erupted in Mangalore against Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan visit to Mangalore. The CM who belongs to the CPM (left) party which is accused of killing many RSS and BJP workers has been under severe criticism for its brutal attacks on Hindu workers. Vijayan is scheduled to attend a rally of the CPM part for communal harmony. In December, Vijayan was forced to abandon a felicitation programme in Bhopal after security threats over RSS protests. In January, he was again forced to cut short a trip to Delhi over intelligence reports, which said that a RSS protest march to where he was staying could turn violent.

Many RSS and BJP workers have been killed from past one years and no action has been taken from the CPM government. The BJP and RSS workers are being killed on a daily basis which has made it almost impossible for people to survive in Kerala. Especially in Kannur district, there has been several murders reported in a span of 6 months.

Take a look at the number of murders of RSS-BJP workers

Although the police confirmed that there was no permission given to hold protest, many supporters of RSS, VHP and Hindu outfit groups have joined in huge numbers to protest against the Kerala CM and CPM’s brutality against Hindus. The social media activists reacted very strongly against the Kerala CM and Twitter was flooded with tweets and trends demanding Pinarayi to go back. Twitteratis demanded justice for people who were murdered by CPM workers.


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