Massive self-goal by Rahul Gandhi!!! In a hurry to troll PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi forgets basic mathematics and the Indians ripped him apart

Soon the people caught the blatant lies of Rahul Gandhi and ripped him apart. 

Whenever Rahul Gandhi intensified his election campaign, it always had a reverse effect. This time in the poll-bound Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi already have had done severe damage to Congress party. From visiting temples to ladies toilet, Rahul Gandhi has proved that he is nothing less than a liability to the Congress.

Rahul Gandhi forgets basic calculations and uses twisted facts to attack PM Modi!!!

Today, he has done another such gaffe in a bid to overshadow the achievements of PM Modi. The lie marketed by Rahul Gandhi was so pathetic that even a Class-II kid could find out what was wrong. Embarrassed Rahul Gandhi was left with no other option than deleting the tweet.

Have a look at the below tweet where Rahul Gandhi tried to project that inflation has ruined the life of the Gujaratis. Within a matter of seconds, it was revealed that not inflation but Gandhi dynasty ruined the life of Indians.

Anyone with basic mathematical knowledge can calculate the percentage difference. But Rahul Gandhi deviated the mind’s of the people by hiking the prices of gas cylinder, daal, tomato, Diesel and so on.

Soon the people caught the blatant lies of Rahul Gandhi and ripped him apart. 

“Its high time he gets his script writer changed. This college level poetry type statements don’t deserve a response,” said Singh”. This is how Union minister Jitendra Singh mocked at Rahul Gandhi and asked him to change his scriptwriter.

Kailash Wagh exposed Rahul Gandhi’s lies in the following manner. “Italian Pappu Pager #गुजरात_मांगे_जवाब , why Pappu pager lied on twitter thru tweets based on fake information and numbers? Why Pappu pager Pidis deleted its fake fraud tweet after getting caught lying?”

“22 salon ka hisaab, Gujarat mange jawaab (Gujarat demands answers for 22 years of BJP rule”. This was the tagline used by Rahul Gandhi to target PM Modi since few weeks. But most of the tweets under this tagline was usually filled with twisted facts and lies.

Rahul Gandhi demanded the records of past 22 years from PM Modi. But from past several decades, the Congress party president post is reserved only for the Gandhis. Will Rahul Gandhi ever answer for this? What is even more pathetic is that there are no competitors for the post of party president election. This is really a serious blow to the democratic fabric of the nation.

Hansika Raj