Massive self goal by Sonia Gandhi!!! Look how she accepted her failure in a letter written to PM Modi?

Sonia Gandhi was a unique kind of leader who never interacted with the party leaders or workers, yet was smart enough to get the work done. Even though Rahul Gandhi created embarrassment to the party leaders very often, Sonia Gandhi hardly faced such situation.

But this time in a letter to PM Modi, she has exposed herself completely. In this letter, she has requested PM Modi to pass the Women’s Reservation Bill.

The bill was successful enough to get cleared in the Rajya Sabha in the year 2010. Soon the Congress leaders didn’t delay to project it as the success of Sonia Gandhi. But Congress had to face a massive embarrassment when they could not get passed the bill in Lok Sabha. What is more hilarious is that even few of the Congress MPs had opposed this bill. Other than these MPs, Mamata Banerjee’s TMC, Samajwadi Party and Rashtriya Janata Dal had also opposed this bill. But presently these parties are with the Congress in greed that one day they will defeat PM Modi.

Sonia Gandhi too has trust on PM Modi!!! This is really fantastic!!!

The bill was first passed at Rajya Sabha in the year 2010 but Congress was in power till 2014, sadly Congress couldn’t pass this bill. The question that arises is why didn’t she write a letter to the then PM Mr Manmohan Singh who was from her own party?

Till date, political pundits said that from 2004-2014 the Congress was controlled by Sonia Gandhi and not by Mr Manmohan Singh. So why didn’t she pass the bill?

Sonia Gandhi led Congress took great pleasure in disrupting the parliament since 2014 but looking at the present development, it seems like even Sonia Gandhi has trust on Modi.

Sonia Gandhi didn’t want women to join politics?

There are hardly any women from Congress party apart from Sonia Gandhi and Indira Gandhi who gained top position. But there was a chance to change this pattern if the Women’s Reservation Bill was implemented. But due to lack of will power or due to some hidden agendas, Sonia Gandhi failed to pass this bill.

Will Sonia Gandhi’s Congress hijack the credits after this bill is passed?

Under PM Modi, the defence minister is a woman, external ministry is handled by Sushma Swaraj and I&B is led by Smriti Irani. So it is sure that there is no dearth of opportunity for women under PM Modi. Perhaps Sonia Gandhi is aware that very soon, the Women’s Reservation Bill will be passed by PM Modi. So this may be a tactic to claim the credit after the bill is passed.

Recently, after the launch of world second biggest dam -Sardar Sarovar Dam- Congress IT cell was quick enough to launch a series of campaign on social media to hijack the credit. But as usual, the people were smart enough to smell the agenda behind this.

To conclude, Sonia Gandhi has exposed that her Congress party had failed to uphold the rights of women, that’s why she has requested PM Modi in a letter written to him. She had written it with political intentions but unknowingly she scored a massive self goal.

Source: http://www.news18.com/news/politics/on-women-reservation-bill-sonia-throws-ball-in-pm-modis-court-1524169.html

Hansika Raj