Massive U-Turn by Kumaraswamy, says he will NOT WAIVE OFF farmer loans until his party gets majority!

Just a day before the HD Kumarswamy takes oath as CM of Karnataka, he has showed his true colours by taking a massive U turn on Farmer loans waiver. H D Kumaraswamy during campaigns kept saying that he will clear all the farm loans if he becomes the Chief Minister of Karnataka. In all his speeches and every camapign in every city he highlighted that once he becomes CM of Karnataka, he will waive farm loans within 48 hours.

But all of a sudden, his stances have completely changed and he has refused to give farm loan waiver. The Karnataka elections which were fought on the issues of farmers and corruption made every party highlight their schemes and policies to improve the Agricultural output in Karnataka. Every party had announced that the farmers issues were their prime concern. But now, even before Kumaraswamy takes oath as CM of Karnataka, he has taken complete U turn.

Kumaraswamy was on a visit to Dharmstala Manjunatha temple when he was asked about farm loan waiver which his party had highlighted in their manifesto, but to everyone’s surprise, Kumaraswamy said that “He had promised to waive off farmer loans only if he gets majority and he cannot do it now.” Kumaraswamy also said that he cannot take any decision by himself and needs to ask Congress which is apparently against waiving farm loans.

Kumaraswamy who is now saying he cannot give loan relief as he doesn’t have majority had said that no party can come to power without his help and he will not seek CM’s post with any party but would rather focus on farm loan waiver.


His statement has literally shocked every Karnataka person who were expecting farm loans to be waived off as promised by him. Kumaraswamy has not just upset people but also angered farmers of Mandya and Ramnagara in particular who had voted for him en masse. His statements has received massive backlash with people questioning his commitment towards Karnataka. Earlier Congress leader D K Shivkumar had given a statement saying that “It was difficult to waive off farm loans as their is money shortage to the state government.”  Now both parties making a U turn has displayed their true colours and fake promises during election campaign.

The question is, if he knew that there was no money in the government then why did they claim to waive farm loans? Was it just a false statement given by Congress President Rahul Gandhi just to win elections? This man who keeps calling PM Modi Jumla should now answer this question, as to what happened to his promise?!

Yeddyurappa although assumed office just for 3 days, passed an order within 24 hours to clear farm loans up to Rs 1 Lakh. So, if he was able to do it, then how come Kumaraswamy and Congress is going back on their promise??

This has definitely backfired the Congress-Jds alliance which has once again gone against their promise. People on social media were found to be mocking Rahul Gandhi and Kumaraswamy for their dubious talks before and after elections.

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