Massive Victory!!! The Killer of DYSP Ayub Pandith gunned down by the security forces

The final battle against the terrorists is on full swing in the valley and one after another misguided youth (terrorists) are sent to hell by the security forces.

Recently, the nation had condemned the killing of the Dy SP Ayub Pandith by the mob in Kashmir. This had horrified everyone because he was an officer holding a revolver in hand, still he was lynched. Then what would have been the situation of the normal individual in the valley.

The security forces in J&K had taken an oath to kill the people involved in lynching DYSP Pandith. The security forces have got a big victory when they gunned down three terrorists today in which, one was involved in lynching DYSP Pandith.


Sajad Gilkar had played a major role in initiating the attack against Dy SP Pandith. After this heinous act, he went underground and joined Hizbul Mujahideen militants. They were also involved in the recent weapon snatching incidents in the south and central Kashmir.

Sajad Gilkar’s body wrapped with ISIS flag

Yes, the valley has let down Indians once again. Instead of boycotting the final rituals of the terrorists, he was draped with ISIS flag. The security forces have to put up further effort to drive away these anti-nationals from the valley.

Hansika Ram