Massive win for Indian Army as Supreme Court stays action against Major Aditya in Shopian firing!

In a major relief and win to the Indian army, the Supreme Court struck down all actions against Major Aditya against whom FIR was filed during Shopian firing.

The Shopian firing took place last week when a mob of around 200 – 250 stone pelters attacked the Indian army and the vehicle pelting stones mercilessly at the soldiers. Many soldiers were injured severely in the incident after which the army opened fire against the violent mob in which 3 stone pelters were killed.

The JK government and the separatists had made a hue cry about the incident and blamed the Indian army for the incident and demanded action against soldiers. The police filed FIR against Major Aditya within no time and the entire Lutyens media and seculars from Congress, SP and other parties were ready to blame the Indian Army. Despite the Army clarifying that Major Aditya was nowhere near the shooting site, he was not spared and false FIR was filed against him.

The father of Maj Aditya henceforth moved to the Supreme Court for justice. Upon hearing the case, the Supreme Court put a stay order on action against Major Aditya which came as huge relief to Indian army. The Supreme Court has issued notices to both the Jammu and Kashmir state government as well as the Central government to file their reply within two weeks the petition filed by Lt Col Karamveer Singh, father of Major Aditya Kumar, seeking to quash of the FIR.

The petition filed by Major Aditya’s father said ….“The unruly behaviour of the unlawful assembly reached its peak when they got hold of a Junior Commissioned Officer and was in the process of lynching him to death. It was at this moment that warning shots were fired at the unlawful assembly which, as per the said terms of engagement, is the last resort to be taken before opening fire. The unlawful assembly again refused to spare the life of the Junior Commissioned Officer and, therefore, fire was lawfully opened on the unlawful assembly with an aim to disperse the violent mob and protect govt servants and property.”

However, the army veterans were not satisfied with Supreme Court’s order which did not squash the FIR but have only instructed the police not to take any action against further orders.

It is indeed a sad state of the country that a soldier had to approach Supreme Court for performing his duty for the country. Shamefully many political parties supported the stone pelters and not the soldier. No other country would humiliate its soldiers who are risking their life everyday, every minuted to keep the country safe. In country’s like US, Israel and even Australia any attack on Army will lead to 20 years imprisonment, but India is the only country where soldiers are attacked day and night by the so called peace community people in JK.

Aishwarya S