Master mind behind Saharanpur violence, BHIM sena chief Chandrashekhar arrested!

On May 5th, the Saharanpur district witnessed a massive clash between few Dalits and upper caste people in which one Rajput person was killed and many others were injured.

The entire scenario was projected as an attack on the dalits by the media. But the issue started when the members of the Bhim army opposed a procession of Maharan Pratap Singh to be passed in the Dalit colony. This procession was organized by few Rajput members, who do it every year. But this year, the BHIM army chief demanded that the procession to be called off and asked them to take another route and not to use loud speakers. But the Rajputs declined and said they conducted the procession every year and why weren’t they allowed this year.

The dalits and the Rajputs landed in a verbal spat which later turned into a massive fight between the two communities. “Iss gaon ka chamaar kabhi nahi darta Thakuron se” (this village’s Dalits never fear the Thakurs), 25-year old Tinu Kumar of BHIM army said. “Agar humko pehle se pata hota ki Thakur hamla karenge, to hum unki esi halat karte … (If we’d known of the Thakur attacks from before, we would have made such a state of them…).” (Newslaundary)

In the clash, man named Sumit Rajput was killed and 16 others were injured. Many houses of Dalits were also burnt.

Later it was found that the BHIM army chief was the prime accused who had instigated people to go against the Rajputs. On May 9th Chandrashekar even called for a Dalit Mahapanchyat to provoke more people, but the permission was denied by the police. But then the BHIM army attacked police station and set the station on fire. They  burnt down 20 police vehicles just because they were denied permission and even attacked police officers. Chandrashekar was found instigating people to attack police for which he was booked.

Later Chandrashekar absconded from Saharanpur and went into hiding. The police set a special task force to nab the culprit who was finally arrested today from the Himachal Pradesh’s Dalhousie. The UP police said that he was the main master mind who was responsible for inciting riots and violence which lead to killing of a Rajput man.

The BHIM army is under scanner since the day it was launched as the chief of BHIM army has been very vocal against India and supporting anti National forces like separatists and terrorists in Jammu kashmir. These people are totally misusing the name of Dr B R Ambedkar who was a great scholar to support anti national elements in the country.

The internal reports suggested that Bhim army was being funded by Mayawati’s BSP. The reports also suggested that this was ploy to use dalits in the name of Dr Ambedkar to bring clashes between different communities.

Aishwarya S