Maulana Aamir Rashidi Madni says he will undress police and de-skin them for arresting Lucknow terrorist!

Patriotism of Muslims in India is always unsuitable for a few! A Muslim is supposed to be Pro-Pakistan, Pro-Separatists, Anti-BJP and  Anti-Modi . If any Muslim contradicts this pattern, he faces the wrath of these powerful ‘few’! Today Mohammad Sartaj is paying the price of being patriotic!

My respect for the slain terrorist Saifullah’s father, Mohammad Sartaj has grown immensely as he refused to receive his son’s body! He said in a clear manner that he wouldn’t receive an anti-national’s body! For an old father who has lost his young son, the utterance of these words need a lot of conviction and determination. “A traitor can never be our son”, said Sartaj . “We are simple folks who never do anything detrimental to the welfare of the country. One who does it, can’t be our son.” Sartaj is a School Teacher. Mohammad Sartaj represents the common Muslim man who wanted good education and employment for his son. His statement comes across as a lesson to all those misguided youth who get brainwashed to kill innocent people in the name of service to Allah!

Mohammad Sartaj’s patriotism has not gone down well with those ‘few’! A self-radicalized ISIS-inspired youth, Saifullah was shot down by Uttar Pradesh Police in the wee hours on 8th March. The Police found a large cache of arms and ammunition, explosives, railways maps, passports and ISIS flags from Saifullah’s hideout place in Lucknow. ISIS’s ‘Khorasan’ module with some sinister plan of Fidayeen attack was nipped in the bud by the excellent teamwork of the Police Force of Telangana, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh!

Today Maulana Aamir Rashidi Madni, the national president of the political organization Rashtriya Ulama Council (RUC) took Mohammad Sartaj to task for being patriotic. He paid Sartaj a personal visit. Instead of applauding him on disowning his traitor son’s body, he addressed the gathering condemning the Police Force for encounter. He said, “We will have to fight the Police force together. How can they label Sartaj’s son Saifullah as a terrorist? He was after all going for a job. All the Muslim Community should stand in solidarity with Sartaj against the Police. If they exercise goonism with their power of Uniform, we have the power to undress the Police! We will de-skin the police officers involved in the encounter. Imagine what tremendous pressure must be on Sartaj that he refuses to receive his son’s body! This act of Sartaj has disappointed the whole neighborhood.  Sartaj might lose his job. If he stands against Police, we will take care of his family expenses. We will spend money for the marriages of his other children. But if he doesn’t stand with us, his son will be called a terrorist for hundreds of years. I can’t file the case as I’m an outsider. Sartaj should ask the police to go to the court if they think Saifullah was a terrorist!”

This Maulana dares to give such disgusting anti-national speech due to the moral support he receives from the political parties like Congress and Paid Media like NDTV! UP ADG Daljit Chowdhari has given instructions to Kanpur SSP to file a case against Maulana Aamir Rashid Madni.

I wonder if the noted Journalist Barkha Dutt will highlight Saifullah to be a son of a school-teacher! Sartaj just lost the love of paid channels by speaking patriotically. He just missed the chance of glorious coverage of Paid Media like NDTV making a hero out of his slain son! But then he gained the love of all Indians by discarding his anti-national son’s body! Today Home Minister Rajnath Singh praised in the parliament saying Mohammad Sartaj had made every Indian hold up his head in pride!

Mohammad Sartaj also makes me realize why Congress Party is shrinking day by day! Day in day out, The Congress party speaks in support of Terrorists and Separatists. Congress thinks it a smart strategy to support Islamist Terrorism. Congress is hallucinating from the misconception that Supporting Islamist Terrorism is Minority appeasement! But when the father of the slain terrorist himself finds it an indefensible offence to harm the nation, Congress party looks utterly foolish fighting for the radicalized terrorist.  The fact is, Sartajs of India want their sons to have a normal respectable life with good education and job! Which father would want his son to become a terrorist? Congress just doesn’t understand!

The oldest National party is working very hard towards its extinction.  With huge liabilities like the dumb Dynasty leadership and brainless loudmouths in the Party, the Congress is digging its own grave. Whenever the whole nation applauds the accomplishments of our armed Forces and Police Force for neutralizing Islamist terrorists, the congress expresses doubt on our Forces in an attempt to appease Minority!

Now they object the Police Force for associating the slain Terrorist to ISIS. They say, “BJP’s pointing out to IS role in Ujjain Blast is politically motivated”- P C Chacko. “ If a Muslim youth gets misguided, it’s due to inequality and radicalization by BJP.”-Digvijay Singh. This is how Congress stands in support with Baghdai-ISIS and condemns the Telangana , MP and UP Police Force for tracing, tracking and busting the ISIS Khorasan Terror Module! Congress thus Support Baghdadi-ISIS!

It gives me shivers to imagine how Congress must have nurtured Terrorism while in Power! Amidst numerous cases, Batla House Encounter and Ishrat Jahan missing Files screech their love for terrorism! The Congress blamed the Delhi Police of staging a false shoot-out at Batla House and killing two innocent Muslims! And Sonia Gandhi cried for Batla Terrorists and Ishrat Jahan, not for the hundreds of victims died in bomb blasts! What a party!

Well, the sinking ship of Congress Party and the miserable TRPs of Paid Channels are the proof that Muslims don’t enjoy their tactics of Terror sympathy. A Muslim doesn’t associate with Owasis and Azams of politics too. Like any other common man of India, a Muslim too wants Peace, stability and Prosperity for him, his community and his nation!

Our heartfelt thanks to Mohammad Sartaj for dissuading the Presstitutes like Barkha from making a Wani out of Saifullah, a son of a school-teacher! And I sincerely hope that he gathers  strength to fight the anti-national Maulanas!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi