A massive statement from Muslims on the Ram temple, Azam Khan & Asaduddin Owaisi get tremendous blow!!

‘Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays.’ The birth place of Lord Rama, Ayodhya has been a subject of religious dispute thanks to the pseudo-secular parties. Maulana Tariq Jameel, a Pakistani religious & Islamic scholar has recently issued a statement that will not go down well with news brokers & radical outfits. Maulana Tariq has supported the construction of the Ram Mandir & said that this would be a victory of ideals over individuals. “By constructing Ram Temple allow Islam to win – Musalman will lose, but, Islam will win.”

Maulana Tariq Jameel spoke about an incident in Saharanpur during the British Period. Mandir- Masjid conflict which existed even during the British Raj had a court hearing. One of the Maulvis spoke in favour of the Hindus & fully supported the construction of the Ram Mandir. The Muslims were unhappy with the Maulvi & hurled abuses at him. But the British judge said: “Today Muslims have lost, but Islam has won. Stating the incident, Maulana Tariq Jameel asked all Muslims to speak the truth even if it went against them.

“In the Ayodhya dispute too, Muslims must come forward and support the Ram temple because that place is the Mecca of Hindus, birthplace of Lord Ram,” he added. In the 1980s a Satellite image had already proved the existence of a Ram Temple beneath the Babri Masjid. After demolition of the Masjid, excavation was carried out by archaeologists. Temple pillars, statues and other Hindu symbols were found beneath the Masjid land.

History is evident of the fact that Muslim rulers had demolished thousands of Temples, hundreds of Churches Buddhist Stupas and synagogues and erected Masjids all over the world. Even Prophet Muhammad initiated the breaking down of 360 statues of Pagan Gods in Kaaba in Mecca & made it a Muslim prayer site.

Ayodhya is the Mecca & Vatican of Hindus, so there cannot be a mosque or church at the Holy place. But Hindus are ready to erect 5 Masjids in Agra in lieu of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. It’s time for the Muslims to speak the truth now & honour the sentiments of their Hindu brothers & sisters. Saudi Arabia has demolished mosques in the past to construct roads & other things. Namaz can be offered at any place.

The Ayodhya dispute should not become a matter of prestige; it should be a matter of moral values & the truth of Islam. It’s time for the Muslims to rise above their ego and support the cause of the Ram Temple. Conviction must prevail over the false sense of self-esteem. Muslims must realise that it is their win, because when the most common sentiment prevails it is the victory of the nation.

Tony Joseph**