Maulana From Uttar Pradesh Lambasts Aam Aadmi Party and Congress for Opposing Fight Against Black Money!

Maulana Ansar Raza from Uttar Pradesh who appeared on Zee news debate over demonetization openly slammed all politicians and especially Aam Aadmi Party for their unusual rant against black money drive.

He thrashed the spokesperson saying that if at all you think Modi’s decision was wrong, or government decision was wrong them, then why didn’t you come on roads protesting with your people, why didn’t you conduct strikes and bandh as you usually do??? Because you people do not have any money to hire people for such acts. You people are busy saving you stacked money, you do not care for the common man or the poor. All the money you had was BLACK and now it’s lost value and so you are crying and ranting against it!

He blasted AAP member saying if you are so much worried about the common man then why aren’t you helping the common man who are standing in the queue. Not one person from political parties have given a glass of water to the people standing but you sit in studios and rant nonsense.

Those people who looted crores of money today aren’t able to buy a meal for their family, all the money hoarders are suffering which shows Modi has done the right thing, allow him to do what is right!

He quoted Narendra Modi had asked the Nation to give him 50 days, if we can wait for 70 years, then waiting for 50 days is not a big deal. If nothing works out Modi himself has said he is ready to take punishment, which shows he has the SPINE to say something so serious, he added. You people stand in the queue, call media and create TAMASHA in front of TV and spread fake news and panic among people.  How did the media come to know that AAP leader was in the queue without informing? It’s a DRAMA you people play to save your money from going into gutter.

The Maulana said I know what has happened in Uttar Pradesh which is going for election in few months, all those people who have looted the hard earned money of the poor and the middle class for vote bank politics, have definitely gone sleepless and they have been caught with their pants down!

He strictly warned them to keep politics aside and support the good move of the government. He also said if any other party had taken the same decision, he would have still supported it equally.

Aishwarya S