Mayawati dumps Congress party ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha Elections! Says “Congress is having a day dream that it will defeat the BJP”

The predictions have come true.

It was predicted that the over-hyped “Grand Alliance” would come to an end even before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and it has come true sooner than expected. Days ago, BSP Supremo had earlier had announced that she would be allying with the Congress party in the upcoming assembly elections.

Now she has intensified her attack at Rahul Gandhi saying that the Congress party is not just scared of the BJP but is even weakening the grand alliance. By saying this, she indicated that she wants to throw the Congress party out of the grand alliance.

Lashing out at the Congress party, BSP supremo Mayawati said “We will contest Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh elections alone. We will not gain anything if we will go in alliance with the Congress at any cost. We will not bow in front of Congress. We have power to uproot our political rivals on our own”.

Saying that Congress party is doing natakbaazi, she said “Congress wants to crush BSP’s movement. It is doing natakbaazi…Congress wants to destroy BSP party under grand alliance. People like Digvijaya don’t want us to ally with the Congress. There are other leaders too who don’t want that BSP and Congress should form an alliance. There are many Congress leaders who are maligning me. Their accusations are baseless. There are some leaders who want to demean BSP. But, I want to let them know that they will not succeed in their motives”.

Saying that BSP is not a helpless party, Mayawati added “We have self respect. No one can move me from my principles. They shouldn’t blame us unnecessarily. We are not a ‘bechara’ (helpless) party. Just because Congress is afraid of BJP, they are not giving tickets to Muslim candidates. But we will give tickets to them. Congress’ ‘Mahagathbandhan’ will never be strong because of the reckless behaviour of its leaders. Congress is having a day dream that it will defeat the BJP”.

Soon after the statement of Mayawati, AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi slammed the Congress party by saying “Will Janeudhari party call BSP a vote divider ,BSP says Janeudhari party is Casteist,& Communal I hope the leaders of this party which has a DNA Of B……. stop posing Questions to me”.
These developments have clearly indicated that the grand alliance will collapse very soon and there won’t be any strong opposition in front of the mighty Narendra Modi wave.


Source: Republic World

Hansika Raj