Mayawati to fight alone in 2019, if she is not given enough seats and elected as opposition’s PM candidate?

Just yesterday the BSP party members met for a high level meeting in which they decided to project Mayawati as the Prime Ministerial candidate for the upcoming 2019 elections.

The party members said “She is the tallest Dalit leader with a pan-India appeal. Though BSP suffered crushing electoral defeats in the 2012 assembly, 2014 Lok Sabha and 2017 assembly elections, its support base is still intact.” The BSP has an organisation in over a dozen states and has won seats in the assembly election in these states as well. Her projection as the PM candidate will mobilize the Dalit community in support of the alliance.” The BSP members were at an impression that since Mayawati is a Dalit leader she needs to be projected as the PM candidate from the opposition.

The BSP has taken few decision in the meeting which has now turned out to be a headache for the Ghat Bandhan even before it is finalized. Mayawati is now flexing her muscles in the GhatBandhann knowing that they cannot ignore her. It is said she has put forth a demand asking for 50 seats in UP for 2019 elections, 10% of seats in Rajasthan and 20% seats in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. She has also demanded the Ghat Bandhan to project her as the PM candidate from the opposition.

If these demands aren’t met, she is said to fight elections alone coming out of Ghat Bandhan. Addressing the party’s national executive meeting, Mayawati said though talks on alliance with parties in UP and other states were on, workers should be ready for any situation. “The talks for a coalition are on, but the cadres should be prepared to keep the party flag high in all situations,” she said. Referring to the alliance with one-time arch rival Samajwadi Party, she said, “The time has come to oust the BJP in national interest.” Times of India Report

During the meeting, It is said that Mayawati has made it clear that no one can ever dream of becoming the party president for the next 2 decades and she will remain the party president.

Hinting that she was in no mood to allow anyone to take control of the party, she said “When the party president is not able to travel ahead in life due to age, he/she will don the role of national convener who will appoint the national president.”  “My younger brother Anand Kumar, who held the position of vice-president, offered to step down in the interest of the Dalit movement and to serve as an ordinary worker.” 

So, it is more likely that there may be huge cracks in Ghat Badhan as the elections nearer and more parties would want to project their own people as Prime Ministerial candidate. Sonia Gandhi is the first in line who desperately wants to project her son Rahul Gandhi as PM candidate. But she should know that Mamata Banerjee, K. Chandrashekar Rao from Telangana,  Chandra Babu Naidu from Andhra Pradesh, are also in line for PM Ship.

Even before Ghat Bandhan takes shape, all parties are fighting for PM post which is revealing their power hungry mindset and desperation to grab the chair. God only should save India if these people become the Prime Minister.

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