Why the MCD elections in Delhi may not go the AAP way?

Indian politicians for long have failed to keep up with their election promises. Arvind Kejriwal (I’m probably the only one who’s still not using any of his unofficial names) has been one of the biggest let downs to the people of the Delhi. The MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) elections in Delhi will be held on the 23rd of April; where around 1.32 crore voters are expected to cast their vote. Representatives from different parties will battle it out in 272 wards.

The AAP is trying to capitalise on its core strength of making fake promises again. Kejriwal even went on to say that he would turn Delhi into London. But it looks like Kejriwal’s “London Dreams” may soon go for a toss. I want to ask the cheap minister of Delhi, why only London? Why not New York, Amsterdam or Tokyo? Delhi would have been much better than London had it not been misgoverned for decades at the state & central levels. The easiest thing probably is to make comparisons.

It takes a lot of effort to transform any place. Delhi for that matter has witnessed extremities over the years. Some of the richest business houses are placed in Delhi and at the same time you see slums where it is even hard to get 2 meals a day, forget cleanliness & sanctity. The AAP which swept through the assembly polls in Delhi, in 2015 have not been able to offer any answer to the problems faced by the common man. The party is also India’s most unsuccessful search engine, with questions being raised every hour.

2015 saw the rise of Kejriwal after he failed to take on the mightiest leader of the country in Varanasi. Kejriwal was even referred to as –‘AK 49’ by PM Modi in one of his election rallies. Kejriwal also had the advantage of taking on a leader who was honest but had always failed to make an impact. She was honest and hard-working. But the lawyers (and their families) could not stand Bedi. The Delhi Lawyers allege that two different attacks were carried out on lawyers, who were on strike in early 1988, were in one instance engineered by Bedi, and the other was ordered by her.

The BJP which has ruled the MCD for the last 10 years is taking nothing for granted. Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari had earlier visited the slums in Delhi and even went on to give a ticket to one of the slum dwellers, Sarita Devi to contest in the MCD elections. The Congress party which had been reduced to the power of Shunya in the 2015 assembly polls, claim that they have improved since then (remember there is no negative marking in elections).

None of the core issues have been addressed by the Kejriwal led AAP. They failed with Wi-Fi & Women’s security. Delhi has seen an increase in the drop-out % over the last 2 years. AAP’s scam Mantri Satyendra Jain has been summoned by the IT department under the Benami Properties Transactions Act & senior leader Sanjay Singh has been slapped by a woman party worker. The reputation is only growing. 67/70 was huge, but this time their chances look bleak.

The BJP has further capitalised on its pan-India image after claiming resounding victories in the Hindi heartland of UP & Uttarakhand. BJP President Amit Shah is in no mood to rest on past laurels. The 2015 debacle was a turning point in Modi-shah’s partnership. It was the first time they had experienced a below-par performance. They even had other failures to ponder upon. But, after March 11 they have reclaimed lost ground. The party is determined to work for the aspirations of the common people & it will be hard to choose any other party. “Vikas” may once again crush the ‘Haath’ and ‘Jhadu.’

Alok Shetty