Media Lies Exposed! No media will tell you these mind blowing facts about Yogi Adityanath !

Media starts Introduction of Yogi Adityanath with a political chant “UP mein rahna hoga to Yogi Yogi Kahna Hoga” and this chant has no relation with Yogi Adityanath in real.

Let me start with status of Uttar Pradesh for which People of Uttar Pradesh gave landslide victory mandate to Bhartiya Janta Party.

Worst Law and Order

Bureaucratic Nexus and Cartel


Unsafe Women and Girls

Unfair Price Value for Farmers

These are just five major points out of many for which People gave mandate and they demanded One Leader and Chief Minister who has that capacity and rigidness to shake Bureaucracy and Slap Corrupt Police System. This Demand and Necessity introduces Yogi Adityanath who get full backed up with Prime Minister Narendra Modi who knows Real Leader.

Let me introduce Yogi Adityanath who is 5 time Member of Parliament from Gorakhpur with his Performance as Member of Parliament.

  • Yogi Adityanath has a keen interest in national issues & is much more than media perception.
  • Yogi Adityanath has been consistently above national average in terms of LS participation as MP.
  • Look at the number of records that show in a simple search of current LS questions by Yogi.
  • Yogi Adityanath is just 44 years old & became an MP at age 26. Been a 5 time MP now. Tonnes of experience.
  • Yogi Adityanath has been elected as MP from Gorakhpur to LS in 1998, 1999, 2004, 2009 & 2014 elections. Lots of experience
  • Yogi Adityanath raised issue of Japanese Encephalitis in LS. How many Qns have ‘youth icons’ raised about such?
  • Yogi Adityanath was the youngest member of the 12th Lok Sabha. Grassroot politician. No political godfather or dynasty.
  • Yogi Adityanath brought up the issue of Encephalitis with great research in LS. Shows a man who knows what he speaks.
  • Yogi Adityanath in the 14th LS raised about 150 questions & participated actively. Compare that to less than 5 by Rahul.
  • Yogi Adityanath has a stellar record as a parliamentarian. Just check this for a short summary
  • Yogi Adityanath participated in more than 50 debates in just the current LS & often raised important points
  • Yogi Adityanath raised a staggering 280 plus questions in just current LS. Much much more than the average or other ‘youth icons’
  • Yogi Adityanath raised more than 15 Qns on Agri & Farmers ranging from debt & suicide issues to milk production.
  • Yogi Adityanath raised many questions on the issue around fertilizers, their prices etc. Proactive in farmer issues
  • Issues on which Yogi raised LS Qns – Agri, Farmers, Fertilizers, Health, Civil Aviation, Coal, Commerce, Communications, IT, PDS
  • Issues on which Yogi raised LS Qns – Culture, Defense, Environment, Climate Change, External Affairs, Finance, Aadhar, Internal Security
  • The range of Yogi’s questions in LS, from rural issues to US withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan shows someone observant & keen.
  • The range of Yogi’s questions in LS, from skill development & IIMs to Judiciary & Solar energy shows his interest in nation’s progress.
  • Yogi was always an active MP. Even in previous LS he raised an astounding 347 questions on various issues of national interest
  • In previous LS, Yogi Adityanath participated in about 82 debates on issues of national interest. He’s more than what media makes of him.
  • As a 5 time MP, Yogi Adityanath is one of the senior most Lok Sabha MPs. At 26 in 1998 he was among the youngest MPs to be elected.
  • Yogi Adityanath has distinguished himself as a Parliamentarian, being at the forefront of raising several issues of public welfare.
  • Yogi Adityanath has participated in 56 debates in the current Lok Sabha. The national average stands at 45.
  • When it comes to asking questions for public welfare, Yogi Adityanath raised 284 questions. National Average is 180 & among UP MPs its 116.
  • Yogi Adityanath has introduced 3 private member bills. National Average and state average is around 1.
  • Being MP from eastern UP, he has raised the issue of encephalitis on numerous occasion & worked to reduce the outbreak of the disease.
  • On 4th August 2016, Yogi Adityanath stood up in Parliament & made a strong intervention on ending mafia raj in politics.
  • It is a matter of pride that Yogi Adityanath has also been a strong votary for making Bhojpuri a popular language. He raised it in LS too.
  • In 2015 Yogi Adityanath called for lifting the SC order to close brick kilns. He fought for rights of those working in kilns who lost jobs.
  • Despite coming from an area not known for sugarcane, Yogi Adityanath raised issue of non-payment of sugarcane farmers in Parliament.
  • CM Adityanath’s track record as MP in Parliament is pretty impressive. Check Images


Other than these let me explain you some more things which Media intentionally hiding it

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