Media Lies Exposed! No media will tell you these mind blowing facts about Yogi Adityanath !

  1. Yogi ji is a director of about 10 excellent Colleges in eastern UP wherein free / concessional education is given.
  2. Yogi ji is also running Hospital wherein concessional/ free medical treatments are given.
  3. Every day free food is given to thousands of poor people in Gorakhpur.
  4. Yogi ji holds Janata Darbar every day whenever in Gorakhpur in which thousands of people participate and he solves their problems.

Now let’s understand the pain of Media?

Media is a group of so-called liberals who in past three decades taught Hindus and majority of the population to feel ashamed to be called Hindu or celebrate Hindu festival or Wear Saffron. Media projects Leader Good or Based on What He or She wears. Yogi Adityanath is unmarried Sanatan Hindu who wears Saffron, Why Media is judging by this, Is it not prejudice. Yes, He speaks blunt but you have to check context, time and place. If you are reading this and If you still doubt Yogi Adityanath then I must say you have to visit Gorakhpur ones for a day and Go to Goraknath Temple where Hindus and Muslims living together from so many Years and Not a single Riot happened in 15 Years. Muslims Love Yogi Adityanath there and Media will not show that. It’s pure Hypocrisy.

Anyone can judge him only by Work not by Past, If you have to check past then Check the fact that He is winning Member of Parliament seat from past 5 times since the age of 25 and every time his victory margin is increased by a margin.

I wish People of Uttar Pradesh a Great Journey of Development under Strong Leadership of Yogi Adityanath.

Abhishek Singh

You can reach the author at @Abhi_4_Nation

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