Is media trying to malign Virat Kohli with fake stories? Check what happened during 2nd test!

The ongoing test series between India & Australia is currently tied with both teams playing to their strengths. India which was the clear favorite to win back the Border-Gavaskar series faltered in the very first match. But, sport is about resilience. The people who accept defeat as part & parcel of the game & work with responsibility are rewarded sooner than later. Virat Kohli took responsibility after the first loss. Great men never make excuses. The difference in the second game was clearly evident. A higher level of intensity & a greater amount of focus was backed up by the will to put the Aussies under pressure from ball one.

The Decision Review system that erupted during the second test in Bangalore is refusing to die down with a report in an Australian newspaper now accusing the Indian captain & coach of indecent behavior. On Thursday, Daily Telegraph alleged that India skipper Virat Kohli hurled an energy drink bottle on an Australian team official. It also accused Indian coach Anil Kumble of storming into the umpire’s room & seeking a clarification on Kohli’s leg-before dismissal in the first innings.

The report went on to say that Kumble had reclaimed his role of the puppeteer behind the scenes’ following his role in the monkey-gate scandal during India’s tour to Australia in 2007-08.

“Kohli might be the aggressor in the brazen campaign India is running against Australia’s integrity – even striking an Australian official with an orange Gatorade bottle- but coach Kumble one of the main instigators in the Monkey-gate fiasco, would appear to have reclaimed his role as the puppeteer behind the scenes,” the report said.

The report, however, does not have the response of the Indian team management or the BCCI. Kumble was also said to be unhappy with match referee Chris Broad during the test&also expected to complain about the issue to the ICC – the report added.

The report accused Kohli of an outburst in the dressing room and throat-slitting gesture towards Peter Hands comb.

“It can be revealed he (Kohli) unleashed an astonishing outburst in the dressing room following his dismissal, smashing a Gatorade bottle off a table, where it then rebounded off a television & struck an Australian team official on the leg.

The report blamed Kohli for killing the spirit of the game. The Australian team & media are just trying to keep the mind games alive. But if the intensity shown by the Indian team & captain is kept intact, the Aussies may have to wait for another four years to experience a series win in India.

Alok Shetty