Why is media upset with PM Modi’s victory in Uttar Pradesh?

The manner in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the helm, Amit Shah at the strategic level & each & every worker of the BJP on ground, has attained this splendid victory in Uttar Pradesh has left journalists across the board spellbound.

But there were numerous journalists who had purposefully peddled lies before the election began & even during as to how the BJP was performing badly or a certain community was deserting the party. Here are some surprising tweets of these ‘objective’ journalists –

As one can see that the tweets of these journalists have proven to be complete nonsense. There were certain trends in the tweets of these & a few other journalists (especially those of the Economic Times who were literally campaigning for the SP) –

  • Undermine the BJP. Whether it be in Punjab or Uttar Pradesh & portray a weak image of the BJP.
  • Peddle lies creating a false perception that there is a divide within the BJP.
  • Highlight opponents of the BJP whether they have no or little chance of winning.
  • Falsely glorify the works of BJP’s opponents like Economic Times journalists have done with tremendous diligence so that people who are unsure of their votes can be swayed away from the BJP.

But why do they do this?

  • The primary reason is that they unanimously dislike Prime Minister Modi because unlike other leaders he doesn’t pander to they desires. One of his first decisions that he took when he came to power as the PM was to stop taking journalists with him on his foreign trips. Until then they used to fly & reside on taxpayers’ money; now they have to spend themselves to cover the Prime Minister. Similarly, PM Modi isn’t the kind of leader who asks the media to write stories in his favour. This has reduced the ‘under the table’ earnings of many journalists.
  • The other reason could be that these journalists acutely lack intellect yet portray themselves as intellectually superior beings. They simply don’t have the capacity to understand the pulse of the people & hence the kind of numbers they present in terms of vote shares or seats are so inaccurate that at times even a layman can predict better than them. Yet every single one of them has the nerve to preach a Prime Minister who is as connected to the ground & who knows the nation as well as anyone.

Hatred coupled with a sheer lack of intellect has led to our mainstream media becoming a laughing stock. Here, it is important to point out that not all are such, some like Sudhir Chaudhary, Rohit Sardana, Arnab Goswami, & a few others enjoy great respect amidst the common Indian.

We should not take this peddling of lies by the media lightly. An example is the recent Punjab election. Arvind Kejriwal claimed he’ll get 100 seats & a certain section of the media showcased it to the public repeatedly. This was a complete & intentional lie. But what this did was that it took away unsure voters who would have otherwise voted for the Akali Dal towards AAP. Hence, what the media does is adulterates the minds of the people.

Now they are all thrashed by people for peddling lies and spreading wrong information to help Congress and SP. Its a direct evidence to show how the entire media is working against a democratically elected government just to fulfill their political interest.

Vinayak Jain