Media will not dare to show this video! It was not dalit agitation, check what chants were shouted and what flag was raised during Mumbai violence!

The day violence broke out in Mumbai, many people clearly said this cannot be the act of dalits, but handy work of someone who are planning to break India in the name of Azadi. The day when Umar Khalid and Jignesh Mevani were invited, many political analysts predicted that this was a part of major conspiracy against India.

Umar Khalid who was involved in chanting Pro-Pakistani slogans and supported the master mind terrorist Afzal Guru who planned the attack on the Indian Parliament was invited for the Bhima Koregaon celebrations. No sensible person would invite a terror supporter who is ashamed to call himself an Indian. What is the relation with Umar Khalid and Bhima Koregaon celebrations?  Jignesh mevani who gets funding from anti National agencies and NGO’s was another man invited for the event. The entire list of invitees had very controversial background and had links with terrorists and Maoists. So, one can imagine what exactly was there game plan!

Although the celebrations were taking place since years, not once was there any violence in the name of caste. But this year, the time when Umar Khalid and Jignesh Mevani were invited, violence erupted all over Maharashtra. Just 12 hours after Jignesh and Umar called for STREET WAR in their speeches, the mob went on a rampage. They killed an innocent man Rahul Babaji for wearing a jacket containing the picture of Shivaji Maharaj. This was the incident which lead to massive clash between communities.

But such mass scale violence and damage could not have been done by innocent people. There was definitely criminals working behind the scenes to cause massive destruction and riots. The intelligence agencies initially gave clue that there may be involvement of Naxals and few Islamic radical groups which are creating divide between Hindus.


Now we can confirm that their analysis was 100% correct. No media may have shown you these videos and pictures. In the shocking video you will see the same AZADI slogans against India being chanted by these protesters. The same chants which we heard 2 years back in JNU, Delhi….CHEEN KE LENGE AZADI, BHARAT KI BARBADI, BHARAT TERE THUKDE HONGE. 

Yes, you heard it right, they chanted “Cheen Ke Lenge Azadi” during the Mumbai protest.  How does dalit protest justify slogans like ” Cheen Ke Lenge Azadi” unless they want India to break apart!

According to few sources, the PFI (Popular Front of India) which is a subtle terror organisation in the verge of getting banned played crucial role in galvanizing people of Islamic radicals. Reports have now emerged that Naxal organisation ‘Yalgar Parishad’ was fulling the violence and wanted to create maximum damage to financial capital of India.

The anti Nationals just did not stop there, but went to an extent of raising Pakistani flags during the protest.

In the picture, you can see to the left is Pakistani flag and right side is Islamic flag! 

Now, the question is whether this can be called a Dalit protest? Chanting anti India slogans, raising Pakistani flags, destroying the public property and killing people.

Now take a look at the below video!

Communists flags raised, abusive chants against the Prime Minister calling him BADWA (Widower, man whose wife is dead) shows they are not here for dalit rights, but spewing venom against India and PM Modi. Did the CPI or CPM, the hardcore Naxal supporters teach them to chant slogans against India and PM Modi?

There need not be more proof to show this was an orchestrated attack on the social fabric of the country by those who want to break India. It is good to remind ourselves that the grand old political party of India and its President Rahul Gandhi is openly supporting these criminals and naxals to get few extra votes. This is indeed a shame that India as so long encouraged such people and given them space to destroy our own country!

Aishwarya S