Meet the ‘LADY MAGADHEERA’, a Syrian Fighter Who Killed over 100 ISIS Terrorists All by Herself!

Syria has been destroyed by ISIS terrorist. A beautiful country was brought down to mud in no time after the ISIS took over. The historic, century old building with finest architecture was destroyed in seconds. With no respect they demolished all religious building and turned a heavenly place into HELL!



People were hugely affected by these monsters of ISIS who showed no sympathy and butchered people on streets creating fear among people. While men were slaughtered like animals, women and children were used as slaves and sex workers by ISIS men. Unable to bear the torture and brutality of these demons, many rebel groups and small armies started emerging to protect men and women from the atrocities of the self proclaimed caliphates of Islam.

One such army is called the Women Protection Unit (WPU) or Yekineyen Parastina Jin. This group is all women warriors who are being trained to fight the ISIS and protect the atrocities against women in Syria. These women are so well trained in martial arts, hand combats and to handle powerful weapons. They are absolutely fearless and have dedicated themselves for the protection of their country and their women from the hands of ISIS terrorists.

The group has one warrior who can be called Lady Magadheera, the bravest women who is said to have killed over 100 ISIS terrorists all by herself. She is called by the name REHANA!

She became famous while fighting in the border city of Korbani, Syria. Her picture of holding the peace sign went viral on social media and the world came to know about her and her brave acts. But there were also reports saying that she was caught by the ISIS terrorists and beheaded subsequently. But many of her close friends in the unit have clarified that she had successfully managed to escape from the clutches of the ISIS in Kobani and she was trained for the same. Her close associates say that she is a trained assassin and its not easy to capture her.

Few journalists claim that the story about Rehana killing over 100 ISIS terrorist is not true, but people in Syria say that she is the best fighter and they deliberately do not spread the news that she killed 100 terrorists to save her from becoming the target of ISIS.


Ever since she took the lead in protecting her country from ISIS, more than 10,000 women have joined the Women Protection Unit and have made jobs tough for the ISIS terrorists. Their organization in the years has grown so strong that they are able to push the ISIS in the border city. A lady called Arin Mirkan from the same unit had blew herself in Kobani killing over 10 terrorists and saved the village from complete devastation.

These people are famously called as the ‘Girls with Guns’ and have become an inspiration to millions who want to fight terrorists and protect their country from further destruction.

Aishwarya S

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