Meet the man who saved 20,000 crores annually to India by designing a bullet proof jacket for the Armed Force

The soldiers were wearing bullet proof jacket of around 15-18 kgs. Yes! That was the weight of the jacket worn by Army, BSF, CRPF and Police while hunting for the terrorist and Maoists. But this situation will change.

Soon after “Make in India” slogan was announced, talents from nooks and corners of India started to emerge. The latest wonder of “Make in India” is designing of bullet proof jackets for the Indian Armed Forces. The speciality of this jacket is that, it is very light weight and saves huge amount of money in its manufacturing. It’s a big boost for the defence sector.

We got Independence in 1947 but it took 70 years to provide a bullet proof jacket of high standards. This jacket will highly benefit the armed force because of its several special features.

What is speciality of this jacket?

  • The jacket is designed using indigenous technology, involving light weight thermoplastics
  • The present jacket costs around Rs 1.5 lakh but this new jacket will cost only Rs 50000
  • It will provide employment to Indians as it will be manufactured in India only
  • The jacket will be light weight and air conditioning ability is also available
  • It will weigh around 1.5 kgs and will have 20 layers lined with carbon fibre
  • Carbon fibre will help the soldiers to work easily even in extreme temperatures up to 57 degree Celsius

Meet the man behind this:

This bullet proof jacket was designed by Professor Dr. Shantanu Bhowmick, Head of Department of Aerospace Engineering at Coimbatore-based Amrita University. The jacket has passed the test approval from the Ministry of Defence. Once PMO gives the green signal, this jacket will be manufactured under the joint partnership between Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Defence Ministry.

This project will help India to save Rs 20,000 crores annually. Professor Bhowmick thanked former Deputy Chief of Army Staff Lt Gen Subrata Saha who had consistently encouraged him in this invention. Till now we were importing bullet proof jackets from USA but now we can have a homemade jacket. All thanks to Professor Bhowmick.