Meet PM Modi in the first 100 days, US think tank advises the next President !

A major report on ‘India-US Security Cooperation’ by the Center for Strategic & International Studies has urged the upcoming American administration to make sure that India signs the foundational agreements. It feels that this step is important in strengthening the relations between the two nations & signalling to the world that closer relations are inevitable.

President Obama is into his last 100 days & the think tank feels that the new President should meet Prime Minister Modi in the first 100 days of his presidency.

“The next administration should work with Australia, India & Japan to establish a quadrilateral security dialogue, led by the US State Department & foreign ministries. The dialogue should focus on issues of common interests across the Pacific & Indian Ocean regions,” the issue said.

The report also recommends that the two nations should deepen efforts on submarine safety & anti-submarine warfare to include combined training & exercises to expand the capability of both countries as well as their interoperability with each other.

Also the think tank recommends the new president to invite India to participate – as an observer or stakeholder – in the Quadrilateral Coordination Group talks with the Taliban. A comprehensive dialogue between the two nations on the Middle East is also recommended.

The CSIS sees PM Modi’s emergence as a strong leader in the region as exactly what the US needed to consolidate its strategy of re-balance of power in the Asia Pacific.

It has observed that Obama has built a strong relationship with Modi & maintained a high tempo of engagements at the highest levels. It stated that India under Narendra Modi has responded with uncharacteristic warmth to the initiatives of the US.

Clearly such esteemed opinions signal that the US values India’s friendship under the current government much highly, & is looking sincerely not to let India shift its inclination toward Russia or even China.V

Vinayak Jain