When Former President Bharat Ratna Pranab Mukharjee’s Visit To RSS Headquarters Exposed The Hypocrisy Of RSS Haters!

Chapter 27: ‘Ekam Sat Viprah Bahuda Vadanthi’, yet why some people hate RSS?

“Today I came here to pay my respect and homage to a great son of Mother India,” Former President Pranab Mukherjee wrote in a visitor’s book at Dr. Hedgewar’s birthplace ahead of his speech at the RSS headquarters.

Subhash Chandra Bose’s family members who have been invited as special guests, had accompanied Pranab Mukherjee.

According to the sources which covered this historic moment, this visit to pay tributes to Hedgewar was not part of Mukherjee’s scheduled itinerary and an impromptu decision taken by the former president to do so.

Pranab Mukherjee, had been invited by the RSS to address its Shiksha Varg and attend a parade by the Sangh workers on completion of the training camp.

Pranab Mukherjee graced the occasion and addressed the gathering with his insightful, meaningful speech. But,

All did not go well in the Congress Camp. They abused, criticized Pranab Mukharjee’s decision. They photoshopped his image and called him ‘Sanghi’. The fighters of intolerance exhibited intolerance of highest grade.

Manmohan Vaidya, Sah Sarkaryavah, RSS wrote an article to Pioneer post this. And he beautifully, appropriately summarises the general disbelief and hypocrisy with respect to RSS. He writes,

India is a land of many tongues. Some call themselves as Bharatiya, some say Hindu and some say Indian. No matter which language we are using, the only thing that need to be understood by all is, we all are talking of one and the same thing.

He gives example of his meetimg with a Christian family from Agra, who had asked a lot of straightforward questions about the RSS.

Vaidya ji answered every one of those queries. On his request they attended some RSS programs and had a first-hand experience of the Sangh. Now, when they meet a co-religionist who claims that RSS is anti-Christian, they pose three questions to them:

  • Is your opinion based on your own experience?
  • Have you ever met with a Sangh functionary?
  • Have you read any literature from the RSS?

Invariably, the answers they get are in the negative.

During a subsequent routine tour, this family had insisted Vaidya ji should stay with them. They had also arranged his meeting with the Bishop there. They all went to the Bishop’s office and the meeting went well. Manmohan Vaidya says, we can’t expect such openness from the Left-inspired RSS haters.

There is a Marathi poem, roughly translated, as:

Those who are habituated to say “Yes” do not want to hear any “No”. And those who are habituated to say “No” have no place for a “Yes”. In the same vein:

In our “inclusion” of all we also include these “intolerants”.

But in their (intolerant) tolerance they cannot tolerate us, the “inclusive”.

During his travels, the RSS Sarsanghchalak often meets influential people from all walks of life.

During one such interaction, Dr. Mohan Bhagawat met with a well-known industrialist who suggested that in place of using the word “Hindu” the Sangh should use the word “Bharatiya”.

To this Dr Mohan Bhagwat replied, “For us, there isn’t much difference between the two terms. However, the term Bharat has a territorial connotation while the term Hindu has value-based resonance.” This is the reason why Pakistan-born academic Tarek Fateh refers to himself as Hindu. Hence, you can say Bharatiya and we can say Hindu. Some others may say Indic. We would understand that we are all speaking of one and the same thing. This is what is meant by Ekam Sat Vipra Bahudha Vadanti.

But in the dogmatic worldview of communists these values, so Bharatiya in their essence, hold no significance. Their tribe insists that in the so-called “secularist”.

If anyone deviate from this language, then these communists even deny the right to live. One is not even tolerated, let alone be engaged with.

In Kerala, the bastion of communist intolerance, from March 1965 till May 2017, over 233 RSS workers have been killed for the only reason that they were working for the Sangh. Significantly, 60 percent of them were former communists.

As many times as one may try and explain the idea of a Hindu Rashtra in conceptual terms and its true meaning, communists and left-leaning “intellectuals” — minus engagement or debate — will define it only as narrow, divisive and exclusive.

They will quote some old letters or an article and copy, paste and reproduce it without any allusion to historical context or deliberation. They will never pay heed to what RSS leaders have been saying during these years and continue to say till today.

However, just because they choose to look away at every given opportunity, the fact remains that there are Muslims and Christians in the RSS.

As Hindu Organisation RSS do not believe in conversions, hence the Swayamevaks keep following their religious practices freely. Take example of the following incident,

In 1998, there was a three-day camp of the Vidharbha Prant (in Maharashtra) where 30,000 Swayamsevanks participated in full uniform, staying in tents. These camps normally take place only over the weekend and a headcount in undertaken of participants to make special food arrangements for those who observe a fast on Saturdays.

During the headcount, it emerged that as it was the holy month of Ramzan and there were 122 Swayamsevaks who were keeping rozas, they needed to break their fast after sundown. Accordingly, arrangements were immediately made to facilitate this. Had it not been the month of Ramzan, no one would have noted that there were Muslims among Swayamsevaks in the camp.

These are stories drawn from real- life experience which do not usually make it to the hallowed pages of mainstream publications. However, if one observe carefully and eschew the rhetoric that is peddled therein, the stark intolerance and fascist approach to heterogeneity of ideas of Communist is clearly visible and increasingly stands exposed.

A recurring theme of their commentary in recent days has been that Pranab da has shown the RSS a mirror. Well, as Manmohan Vaidya ji points out, the Sangh is quite open to looking into the mirror and does so every year at Chintan Shivirs and the Pratinidhi Sabha!

In these meetings, a careful examination of the activities undertaken and course correction if necessary is deliberated upon.

But when will ‘left-liberals’ who stake claim to the progressive values of inclusiveness but display every aspect of intolerance in their actions look in the mirror and see beyond their hatred of the RSS?

Whether or not they choose to look into the mirror, their truth is reflected in their actions and the public continues to take note of the rampant hypocrisy, between words and actions. Vaidya ji writes,

“On a lighter note, one must express one’s gratitude. Had it not been for their shrill display of intolerance, the media would not have turned the lens on a program that is an annual RSS event and always has distinguished guests invited to speak”.

“Thanks to the intolerance of communists and those inspired by their hollow rhetoric, the general public got to witness live transmission of the programme”.

The official data on number of people who followed the program live was astonishing.

From June 1 to June 6 the official RSS website received an average of 378 hits/requests each day; on the day of the program attended by Dr Pranab Mukherjee we got 1,779 hits/requests. Need one say more?

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Change Is The Only Constant! Sangh Too Is Changing, Reforming! Without Compromising Its Ideology, RSS Is Stepping Out For Direct Communication With Public!

Courtesy: The Pioneer

Dr Sindhu Prashanth


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