#MeToo Movement!! Activist who led “Kathua- Rape” protests alleged for rape by women from JNU


The # MeToo Movement has taken the nation by storm. Revelations coming about people from various fields is leaving a shocking impact on everyone

In another such shocking revelation, a women activist from JNU has alleged that she has been brutally raped by the hero of Kathua Protests.

The women who wish not to be named narrated her horrific experience to FirstPost.com stating that the incident not only physically harmed her but she was mentally torn apart by the incident

The victim narrated that although she tried to maintain professional boundaries with him but he always crossed the boundaries and tried to be personal with her. She said one day he asked her to do “nikaah” with him. This was in mid-April, just after his second visit to JNU. Even after the refusal by her, he did not stop and keep on pressurising her and continually calling her at late nights and describing his sexual fantasies about her

Narrating her experience further, the victim said, After that one day when he visited the campus on 27 April, he expressed his wish to meet me in the evening. “I told him that it is not possible to meet him, since there were disturbances on campus as as a result of an anti-conversion documentary (‘In the Name of Love’) that was screened by ABVP, after which many of the students had gone to Vasant Kunj police station to register complaints of being attacked by ABVP members. Even while I was at the Vasant Kunj PS with my friends, he kept calling me non-stop, insisting that I should return to campus at once because he was waiting outside the north gate for me. Despite my explaining to him the seriousness of the situation on campus, he persuaded me to leave my friends and see him.

Even after denying him thousand times he insisted me to meet him that eventually led me to give in and meet him “He was waiting in a rented car a little distance away from the gate. He asked me to get inside the car and I obeyed him. After half an hour’s drive, at 12:30 AM, we reached a lane in the Batla House locality. He ushered me into a one-room flat on the second/third floor of a building where after denying his request for sex he brutally raped me “, said victim

Although the victim has not revealed the real identity of the person but she has given certain hints which clearly points toward whom the perpetrator is. She has mentioned that he is actively promoted by media and has a strong support behind him. She also states that ‘the activist’ was jailed recently on charges of raping a female relative and his own wife has also complained of domestic abuse and dowry harassment by ‘the activist’. She writes that her rapist has recently been released on bail. The victim also claims that she later got to know that she was not the only person assaulted by ‘the activist’, there are many others also who has been sexually assaulted by him

It’s a shame for the nation one who presents himself as an anti-rape crusader leading the cause of justice for the Kathua rape victim is actually a rapist.

Credits & Source : FirstPost