#MeToo strikes Church priests! Woman in Meghalaya says Catholic priests sexually abused her throughout her childhood

The main losers in the #MeToo moment were the church and the left wing ecosystem. Yes, one after another, the heavyweights from the left wing were exposed by the brave women. From The Wire’s co-founders to Bollywood celebrities, several were accused of harassing women sexually.

Even the case against Bishop Franco was carved in the minds of the Indians. There were even efforts to suppress the voice of the nuns who fought against the Bishop of Jalandhar.

Now a woman from Meghalaya has named two priests from a power church of harassing and abusing her sexually. Since she reached the age of 5 years, Br Francis Gale of the Christian Brothers and Br Muscat of Don Bosco started to sexually abuse her. Frustrated by this, the 40 year old woman had tried to commit suicide, not once but thrice.

From 5 years to the age of 12 years, the woman was sexually abused by the church priest. But when she tried to reveal this to her most trusted family member, she had received nothing but a slap as no one were ready to listen to her. When she entered teenage, she gathered courage to deny meeting the church priests and thus put an end to her sufferings.

At present one priest is in West Bengal and the second, Br Muscat is based in Shillong in the Don Bosco group. She said that to prey on girls, Br Muscat called girls by luring them of giving sweets and toffees. Further exposing the priest, she said “He would call victims to his side of the table (while the accompanying adults are on the other side). While we did (choose toffees from the drawers), he would slide his hands up our thighs”.

“The #MeToo has triggered a lot of distress but it also brings me hope and belief that justice will come. I do hope that in some small way my story will make perpetrators feel less empowered to abuse with impunity” she added.

Now the victim who was harassed since the age of 5 years now wants to support other girls who faced such kind of situation. She said “But at the moment coming out and going public has come at a huge cost. All I want is to support and listen to people of their stories”.

Now what is the million dollar question is whether the girl will get justice because we had seen how the nuns in Kerala were hounded for speaking against the Bishop Franco Mullakkal.


Source: Indian Express

Hansika Raj