#MeToo strikes UPA! Can you predict who was this former UPA minister who forcefully kissed a female journalist on her mouth each time they met?

After the #MeToo revolution gained momentum, many of the stalwarts of the left-wing ecosystem got exposed. From The Wire’s co-founder Sidharath Bhatia to All India Bakchod’s comedians who always targeted the nationalists and Hindu festivals, are exposed.

And now it is the turn of a man who was a powerful and popular minister during the rule of Manmohan Singh (you can also say under Sonia Gandhi) government. This shocking revelation is made by journalist Sonal Kellogg who said that “a former UPA minister tried to kiss her on the mouth each time they both met”.

Who is this pervert politician?

The molestation of journalist Sonal Kellogg took place during the UPA 1 and the then minister who did this act was really a powerful man. Not just within the Manmohan Singh’s cabinet but even in the arena of the media.

Speaking more on the incident, she said that in January 2001, she joined The Asian Age, Ahmedabad edition, but shifted to Delhi to join The Asian Age’s main edition in February 2006 after the Ahmedabad edition was shut down. And there she was given the in-charge of one of the ministries and that’s when a cabinet minister under Mr Manmohan Singh used to molest her by kissing her whenever she went to him.

Journalist Sonal Kellogg said “He is actually quite a media favourite, and many senior women journalists are close to him. I have seen him greeting women journalists with a hug when he meets them, so I thought that hugs and kisses were the norm in Delhi, and being from a smaller town, I didn’t want to stand out, so I went along with it. Also he was a minister and I was covering his ministry”. So can anyone guess this pervert person who misused his power and position?

What is hilarious is that the man who harassed this women advocates the women’s rights in public. A pervert within the closed doors, but a noble preacher to the outside world. Giving a hint on who the sexual predator was, Sonal Kellogg said “He studied from St Stephen’s College and did his masters from one of the top universities in England”.

Speaking on the harassment she faced due to the UPA 1 minister, she said “He would greet me each time with a kiss, which I thought was a Delhi thing — in Gujarat, where I come from, politicians don’t greet women journalists with hugs and kisses”.

And one day in 2014 during the work hours, the pervert minister suddenly pressed one of her breasts. Finally Sonal Kellogg mustered the courage to say “Don’t touch me”. The minister replied “Why? What is the problem?” and she said “Don’t touch me because I don’t like it”.

Since then she moved to Ahmedabad and never met him. Now what will Rahul Gandhi say on this? Going by his track record, one could say that Rahul Gandhi will use all the tantrums to protect the pervert leader of his party And the irony is Rahul Gandhi considers himself a torchbearer of “women safety”.

Source: DailyO

Hansika Raj