Million Dollar Bungalow in London!!! How Robert Vadra made millions of rupees using ghosts and proxies?

The art of making profit by investing “Zero” is only known to this man. He has a professional degree in using his mother-in-law’s influence to crack the deals. Yes, he is none other than the “son-in-law of the nation” Mr Robert Vadra. Recently he was in news for purchasing million dollar bungalow in London. This was exposed when Income –Tax (I-T) detectives unearthed at least four e-mail exchanges between Mr Vadra and a controversial arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari about a “benami” property in London.

Now, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is probing on how Mr Vadra used his bodyguard and his driver to increase his fortune. By using his employees, Vadra had purchased and sold land over 275 bighas (a measure of land area varying locally from 1/3 to 1 acre ( 1/8 to 2/5 hectare)) in Kolayat Tehsil in Bikaner district of Rajasthan at a net profit of about Rs 4.5 crore.

The name of Vadra’s bodyguard is Mahesh Nagar and he was with the Delhi Police. But his driver is currently missing. When the CBI conducted a detailed investigation, it was found that Robert forged several documents pertaining to land deals.

“We will grill Robert Vadra” says CBI!!!

CBI said that “we will grill Robert Vadra after collecting all the evidences”. The CBI is also collecting evidences on how suspected bureaucrats helped Robert Vadra to crack the land deals. We all know how much a driver will be paid but it is suspecting because Robert Vadra’s driver has signed properties worth in crores. This driver is missing since February and the police are behind him.

Mahesh Nagar, bodyguard of Vadra, resigned from the Delhi police but had continued to work with Robert Vadra. Robert Vadra had once transferred Rs 30 lakh to Ashok Kumar’s account so that the land will be purchased in his name. So Ashok was given the power of attorney but soon the land was sold at Rs 2.34 crore. In another case, by using the same trick, a land worth Rs 42 lakh was purchased but was sold at Rs 2.81 crore in just two years.

Money laundering is clearly visible after the probe was initiated by the officials. “There was so much disinformation campaign that people were forced to believe that these villages will turn into industrial hub soon. Some local officials were also part of the propaganda campaign to make it authentic. Vadra’s men also built some roads to make the arid land look like a profitable deal. This was done with a view to jacking up the land prices which he had bought at throwaway price” this was the statement of the officials which was reported in ‘newindianexpress’. Yes, driver and the body guard were massively involved in spreading rumours that the government projects will soon be established in these villages.


Nishika Ram