Millionaire Minister of Andhra Pradesh spends Rs 3 lakh from govt fund for his root canal treatment in Singapore

It seems like a few have considered politics as a business to make money. In a fresh case of misuse of power, the Andhra Pradesh minister has billed Rs 3 lakh for his root canal treatment in Singapore otherwise which would have had been around Rs 10,000 in a private clinic in India.

Yes, a massive amount of Rs 2.88 lakh has been spent on the root canal treatment of the Andhra Pradesh Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu in Singapore. The treatment was done in Azure Dental Clinic in Singapore on 12th April, 2018.

In a time where dental treatments can be done in India at a low cost, what was the motive of doing it in Singapore, that too at a cost of about Rupees in lakh? The irony is that this minister declared assets worth over Rs 9 crore in his last election affidavit. It is said that the root canal treatment would be done in Rs 2000 in a government hospital and about Rs 10,000 in private hospitals. But Rs 2.88 lakh has raised everyone’s eyebrows.

What did the government order of Andhra Pradesh government say while reimbursing the hefty amount?

Medical Attendance – Reimbursement of the medical claim of Rs 2,88,823 in respect of Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, Honourable Minister for Finance and Planning, Commercial Taxes and Legislative Affairs, Government of Andhra Pradesh, for Root Canal Treatment on April 12, 2018, at Azure Dental, 22 Sixth Avenue Singapore.

The above was what the official order read.

After the issue created storm in Andhra Pradesh, the minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu came up to defend himself saying, “I had accompanied the Chief Minister and Urban Development Minister Dr P Narayana on an official visit to Singapore in April. There I developed a severe problem and I had to undergo the root canal procedure urgently. I could not cut short the visit and come to Andhra and get it done. The problem was very acute and I had to get it done there itself although it was very expensive…I paid about $5,000 Singapore. Since ministers can claim reimbursement, I applied and the government sanctioned it”.

But the YSR Congress leader K Parthasarathy slammed the lavish spending of Andhra Pradesh cabinet minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu on root canal treatment and said “In reality, TDP ministers and leaders are misusing public money for personal needs. He could have got the treatment done here in the state for Rs 10,000. What was the need to spend Rs 2.88 lakh on such a simple treatment?”.

But the TDP spokesperson trapped his leader. Here’s how!

While the minister himself confessed that he did his treatment in Singapore, a TDP spokesperson made a contrary claim saying that its the propaganda of the opposition parties because the minister did his treatment in Hyderabad itself.

TDP in its statement had also said “Ramakrishnudu was undergoing a treatment at AP Dental Hospital, Road No. 10, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad with Dr.Kadiyala Rajendra before his official trip to Singapore. In Singapore, he faced unbearable pain since his treatment in Hyderabad was left incomplete. He had to go to the Singapore hospital to relieve himself and had to get a flap surgery and bone grafting done. The costs of the treatment are high in Singapore, so Ramakrishnudu got his treatment completed after coming back to Hyderabad”.

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Hansika Raj