Mind blowing answer by an Engineer!!! What would you say about PM Modi’s farewell speech for Hamid Ansari?

Modiji was right in responding candidly to Mr Hamid Ansar. Being 2 term Vice-President of India, Hamid Ansari suddenly felt a sense of fear in India.

The only thing I heard from Hamid Ansari is “Muslim, Muslim, Muslim” every now & then. I doubt whether he represents 1.3 billion Indians or just 20 crore Muslims?

Mr Ansari is lecturing us on Intolerance but is mum on Fatwebaaz’s i.e.

  1. Fatwas given to PM Modi
  2. Fatwa to Singer Sonu Nigam on Azaan row.
  3. Fatwa to cricketer Mohammad Shami, Irfan Pathan, Mohammad Kaif for showing their wife’s face on internet.
  4. Fatwa on Singer Nahid for singing live on reality show. & Many more.


  • He was mum on triple talaq.
  • He is mum on political killingsin Kerala & West Bengal.
  • He was mum when Akbaruddin Owaisi said to remove police for 15 minutes so that Muslims can kill all Hindus.
  • He never spoke of the plight of Kashmiri Pandits & their mass Exodus.
  • He is the real “Award Wapsi gang” brand Ambassador.

Yes, there may be some cases of lynching. We condemn it & even PM Modi has condemned it in harsh words. So, few unlawful events don’t mean that “Hindustan” has become “Lynchistan

Mr. Ansari should go out & see the real India, Its plurality,its ethos & should stop defaming India.

Swapnil Tripathi