Mind blowing!!! What is the difference between 1962’s Nehru and 2017’s Modi?

After India got its Independence, Nehru started to think that India is an estate gifted by his ancestors so that he can enjoy. If Nehru had taken right steps India would have been a global power.

‘In those barren land and mountains of Ladakh and Arunachal, not even a blade of grass grows, why Parliament is wasting time. This statement was given by Nehru while debating in parliament over the Chinese aggression. So what it mean? Should we ourselves hand it over to others?

History cannot be changed but there is no wrong in knowing the history. So let us know the Himalayan blunders made by Mr Nehru. Even though he was the Prime Minister of India, he always neglected north-east regions.

  • China, since her reformation as a PRC had been claiming the region of Aksai Chin for herself. Chinese map published in 1954 showed Aksai Chin as a part of China. As any sane mind would feel, the obvious solution to this problem was to talk to China and find a neutral ground. Why Nehru chose to remain silent baffles crores of Indians.
  • China wanted to establish status quo with India. India stays away from Aksai Chin and China doesn’t cross McMahon Line along the North Eastern borders of India. But instead Nehru decided to come up with the “brilliant” idea of Forward Base Policy. Not only India lost many valuable soldiers but he successfully provoked the Chinese that later resulted in the Chinese aggression of 1962.

“I wish to give you a warning. A time may come when the Chinese are going to attack India. We must be prepared for it and must prepare our defences accordingly.” This was the warning given by the then Army chief K.S Thimayya. But Nehru and his close buddy, defence Minister V.K Menon didn’t pay any heed to it.

What strategy has Modi adopted after coming to power?

North Eastern state of India has been, by far, the most neglected region of the whole India. The past governments have managed to successfully ignore the whole of North East although the states have tremendous amount of potential for tourism and strategically important for India.

Even though North east can attract tourists from all over the world, it was not shown any importance in the past. Strategically also it holds importance as it shares borders with various nations.

But the trend has completely changed under PM Modi

  • Modi government has given contracts of building roads in North East to Japanese companies. These roads are critical during war for transporting soldiers, weapons and food.
  • Modi government has initiated a project with Bangladesh to build connectivity between Tripura and Chittagong. It takes a lot of time to transport grains to the North Eastern state from Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and other states. With this project, Tripura can be used as an alternative which would also come handy during war.
  • Modi government allowed Dalai Lama to visit Tawang and then invited US diplomat Richard Verma to come to Tawang for the local festival. By doing so India is asserting her authority over Arunachal and sending a strong message to China.
  • Modi’s government boycotted Xi Jinping’s One Belt One Road (Obor) and gave a clear message to China that India will not tolerate its nuisance any more.


Modi has not maintained silence on China’s aggressive steps. He has countered it very efficiently. So India is clearly ahead of China in many aspects of war if not in the number of soldiers.

Credits: Subhayan Purkayastha

Nishika Ram