Mindblowing Analysis by a Chinese!!! Why China will face a disastrous defeat if it declares war against India?

Having read all answers contributed by my fellow Indian friends, I decide to write one as the first Chinese answerer.

No, Chinese army would fail disastrously to the Indian army.

1). Although the Chinese army looks somehow superior to the Indian army on paper, but the Chinese army is a joke and is only pretending to be strong. Their weapons are either bought or copycats or crappy China made. Facing the Indian army would simply fill the Chinese generals and soldiers with awe and terror. Chinese would cry when they are drafted into the army, hence you would know how awful the Chinese army is.

2). India lost the war in 1962 due to internal problems, betrayal of China and incompetent leaders. It has nothing to do with Chinese army being superior. Trust me if India army fights the Chinese army again, a single Indian soldier would repeat the success of killing half of all Chinese soldiers died in the war. The Chinese were only better prepared for the war and they unexpectedly won. Actually India didn’t lose to China at all because air force and navy wasn’t involved.

3). Communist dictatorship triumphs democracy? How’s that technically possible? Democracy is India’s best weapon and once the war starts, China will soon slip into civil war because the 1 billion Chinese people are so unhappy with the government. India should bring democracy to China and help make China great again! Plus America and western democracies will undoubtedly support India with their latest weapons and lots of money too.

4). No matter how, I believe India will win and China will lose.

Jai Hind!

Lei Wenzhong