Mindblowing Analysis!!! After the Doklam standoff, what is China’s motive behind such a friendly behaviour towards India?

The battle zone has turned into a friend zone and the angry soldiers are seen exchanging hugs with their enemies. It is apparent that the Chinese are enlightened and are resorted to the peace mantra. The international media posted that China got a diplomatic win in the Doklam standoff but the reality is not hidden anymore. PM Modi had won the war without even firing a bullet.

No one understood why the aggressive Chinese started following Gandhi principles. The answer is clear; it was due to the fear of Indians. Yes, the China didn’t want to mess with India and here are the facts that will make you believe it.

India, under the captaincy of PM Modi, is inking new and powerful deals with global power every day. So, definitely the mutual bonding with these nations will increase. When war breaks out, bunch of Western nation will be ready to fight on the side of India. This was the main intention of Modi’s foreign trips.

When India was trying to deepen its ties with United States, it was predicted that the relationship with Russia would fade. Surprisingly, India’s bond with Russia and United States grew at a rapid speed.

China didn’t mind having enemies, but why it didn’t want India as an enemy?

India’s present power is underestimated by the enemy nations. But China has realised it at the right moment so that it can prevent further damages. The way China was provoking India, a war was definitely expected. But the think tanks of China have realised that there is much of a loss than benefits if they go on a war with India.

When it comes to numbers, China was way ahead of India with much bigger army and sophisticated weapons. Yet it was aware that it couldn’t counter India. PM Modi’s recent visit to Israel and USA was fruitful and had sent shiver to the enemies.

Why China is showing over friendliness with India?

The faceoff was expected to escalate even in the BRICS summit but to everyone’s surprise, China joined India’s side and dumped its all season friend Pakistan. For the first time in the joint statement, it condemned Pakistan’s terrorist organisation. This was too hard for Pakistan to digest.

A bigger chunk of China’s business is on Indian soil. Presently, India is ruled by a patriotic leader and not by a dynast of 1962. So if an attack is launched by China, then all the companies would have been asked to pack their luggage and move back to China. This would have had created a huge opportunities for Indian firms.

India’s economy is also progressing at a rapid rate when compared to China.  When this was the ground reality, China was forced to enact a drama to support India. Even though it knew that it was humiliating to withdraw its army from Doklam, China didn’t mind doing it.

Nishika Ram