Mindblowing reply by an American!!! If a country declared a war against India, would the USA help India?

India is such a country, with which, other nations wouldn’t like to mess with. Even a superpower nation would think hundreds of time before messing with a nation like India. When this is the condition, a question that will strike everyone is that which nation will USA support, if a country declares war against India.

Will USA declare a war against India?

Firstly, let me declare that USA will never dare to attack against India. The whole world knows the friendliness between India and USA is going on increasing with every passing year. To be frank, USA has no reasons to declare war against. So its clear that USA will be on India’s side if any country declares war against India. Now, let us analyse which are the countries that may possibly dare to declare war against India.

What are the chances of other nations declaring war against India?

  • Russia is also a nation that is as powerful as India. But it is a friend of India since decades and I can’t even imagine in my dreams Russia declaring war against India.
  • Another powerful nation at the present is China. It is a nation that enters into another nation’s territory and claims it as its own. But India broke this habit of the rogue nation. Will China ever forget how India chased it away from Doklam? The Doklam stand-off went on for more than 2 months but Chinese couldn’t even push the Indians a step back. Prior to Doklam issue, the world was in a misconception that India would be slightly overpowered by the Chinese. If incase the Chinese had then declared war against India, the USA would have sent its soldiers to support India. But now, USA will not send its soldiers to India. The reason is clear. India can break the spine of the Chinese without anyone’s help.
  • For the first time, the great Britain tasted defeat in the Internal Court of justice in the election for judges. As the support grew stronger for the Indian judge Mr Bhandari, Britain was left with no other option than withdrawing its nominations. Forget a war in a battle field, India has easily defeated Britain in a diplomatic battle.
  • France, even this nation has no reason to declare a war against India. Will Japan attack India? No, infact, Japan would team up with India to slam the enemies of India.
  • Germany, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, all these nations would love to be India’s friend rather than enemies.

What if Pakistan declares a war against India?

So the only nation that might be waiting to launch a war against India would be Pakistan. Let me tell you that it would be a suicidal mission to the Pakistanis. On January first, President Donald Trump had declared that US will not be foolish like before to fund the Pakistanis. So this terrorist nation hardly has anything to feed its terrorists, forget sustaining a war against India.

In case, if the Pakistan takes a wrong decision of declaring a war against India than USA would definitely favor India. Perhaps, we would even arrange a meeting between India and Pakistan to avoid a war.

In the event that the USA got word of Pakistan contemplating another war with India, we would probably “help” India in that we’d do whatever was necessary to prevent such a conflict, including arranging a regime change in Pakistan. But not because India needs protecting, but because in that case, we’d be saving Pakistan from itself.

John Cate