Mindblowing reply by an NCC cadet to Rahul Gandhi who insulted NCC cadets by saying he doesn’t know about NCC and stuffs like that

Dear Rahul Gandhi,

Though I’m not active into political news, I go through news websites regularly, just to keep myself updated. Today, I found an article in the news feed that just stunned me. I couldn’t believe through my own eyes that being the future Prime Ministerial aspirant, you didn’t know what NCC is. You had answered, “I don’t know the details of NCC training and that type of stuff, so I won’t be able to answer that question” when an NCC cadet asked you “What benefits will you give to NCC cadets after passing ‘C’ certificate examination?”.

Mr Rahul Gandhi, did you really say “that kind of stuff? Bizarre.

Do you atleast know that India has an enemy named Pakistan? Do you even know that in the year 1965, Pakistan tried to sneak into Jammu and Kashmir with “Operation Gibraltar” and provoke the people against Indian government? Mr Rahul Gandhi, I don’t know whether your parents or grandparents fought against Pakistan in the 1965 war, but it was NCC that took an active part in the war.

Those cadets who joined hand-in-hand with the Indian Armed forces were just 1/3rd of your age. The cadets were the same kids who never stayed far away from their parents for weeks and weeks. But when the nation demanded their service, they didn’t step back.

The cadets served their country from passive Air Defence including rescue work, first aid, evacuation of casualties, fire-fighting and removal of debris to traffic control and maintenance of essential services such as motor transport, pioneer and engineer services, water supply and power supply.

India’s Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi is also an NCC cadet, and the man who won a silver medal in Olympics, Major Rajyavardhan Rathore is also an NCC cadet. The majority of the brave soldiers, who hold weapons in extreme weather were NCC cadets at one phase of their life.

Did you even know that an NCC cadet was awarded with the Ashok Chakra Class III during the 1965 Indo-Pak war? The award is equivalent to Shaurya Chakra now.

The Pakistani soldiers who didn’t have the courage to fire a bullet standing front of the Indian Army resorted to cowardly tactics–which it has carried on till date. The Pakistani planes carried out an air attack on a goods train carrying inflammable material like ammunition, diesel and kerosene oil. This would have had turned out into a disaster. But all thanks to NCC Sergeant Pratap Singh who led a team of fifty cadets to the railway station and brought the fire under control. And still, you don’t know anything about NCC, Mr Rahul Gandhi?

You have insulted the risks taken by the NCC cadets in the 1965 Indo-Pakistan war. Today you said you don’t know about NCC. Tomorrow, I’ll not be surprised even if you say “I don’t know much about Indian Army”.

Every breath you breathe is due to the sacrifice of the Indian Army, Mr Rahul Gandhi. The statement made by you has really hurt the NCC cadets because we take every slaps given on our tender cheeks by our NCC masters during march past “as a badge of honour”. But the slap given by you is unacceptable.

After heavy drill during my Republic Day Camp, 2013, the skin under my feet would be ripped apart. There was a special joy in feeling that pain. Not just feet, even the skin of my palm were peeled like the onion cover. When I returned back home, from the camp, I had a sense of pride while narrating these hardships to my parents.

I saw those tears of joy in my mothers’ eyes, yet she didn’t discourage me from taking active part in NCC. But Mr Rahul Gandhi, the statement given by you has discouraged, not just me, but the entire NCC fraternity. Mr Gandhi, most of the NCC cadets are aspiring to serve in the Armed Forces. But you being an aspirant for the Prime Ministerial post of India, how can you say this?

For the mistakes I had done during my NCC days, I had received several slaps from my seniors and PI staffs. To be frank, I enjoyed it. The slap that you gave through your statement was really hard to digest and I really couldn’t take it.

I’m not exaggerating, but there is hardly any difference between the NCC cadet who has donned his uniform and the soldier who is holding a weapon at the borders. Both of their eyes will be glimmering with patriotism. 

Not just in the 1965 Indo-Pakistan war, but even during the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war, NCC cadets were the second line of defense and organised a lot of camps to assist ordnance factories, supplying arms and ammunition. Not just this, the cadets were used as patrol parties to capture enemy paratroopers.

Mr Rahul Gandhi, after you failed to answer to the girl, you also said that “But as a young Indian person I would like to give an opportunity where you can have a future, where u can have a successful education and where u can thrive in this country”.

But let me tell you that NCC has taught me how to lead a life in this country with dignity. NCC has taught me how to be successful in my life. NCC has also taught me how to lead a life when corrupt politicians turn into vultures and attack the same people who have voted and elected them.

Rajat Bhandary

“A former NCC Cadet”

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