What the ministers need to learn from Alphons Kannanthanam?

We would like to applaud Union Minister of state for tourism, Mr Alphons Kannanthanam for his calm and classy demeanour, when an irate citizen, Dr Nirala, yelled at him in public. He was empathetic and was very respectful to her. What a thorough gentleman! #Respect

From the video, a woman identified as Dr.Nirala, was visibly very upset and emotional. She had to reach Patna for a family member’s funeral. In the video she says “the body is at home. It will start degrading. My family is waiting (for me)”.

Three flights were delayed by about 2 hours due to President of India’s flight movement.
So she confronted Minister Alphons, complained about the inconvenience this delay has caused and demanded action. Yes, she was highly upset and was yelling at him and his security personnel.

Keeping politics aside, how many of you can honestly tell me such delays, especially when it is about the death of a family member, wouldn’t irk you?

Put yourself in that woman’s shoes. Imagine you have just lost your loved one, you are hurting severely, you are grieving, you live in a different state and you are trying to reach your native place and say goodbye to your loved one before they are buried( or cremated). You then find out your flight has been delayed because a VVIP is arriving.

Would you not get upset? We would, we surely would.

People claiming she should have known the Presidential/VVIP protocol, kindly get over yourselves. hypocrisy stinks!

In the past we have written posts severely condemning CM Siddaramaiah for causing traffic blocks and instances where ambulances (either carrying the dead or alive) have not been able to pass through.

We have all protested against such practices.

But now we see people calling this woman names, blaming her parents for bad upbringing (!!), claiming she is an arrogant attention seeker, does not know how to behave, she must be a terrible doctor because she has no patience (!), she is a feminist, etc etc.

Do these people have any empathy at all?

How much lower can these people fall? Why make this a gender issue?

Where is compassion for fellow humans?

If nothing else, we should learn from the behaviour of Minister Alphons himself. Learn to show empathy for others from him.

We implore BJP and Mr.Modi to address this issue of VVIP caused delays.

Movement of emergency medical services should NEVER be hindered and people in Dr.Nirala’s situation, should NEVER be inconvenienced.

Dr Rupa Murthy