Minorities with Modi govt! Triple Talaq crusader Ishrat Jahan joins BJP!

Recently, the much awaited and much needed anti-triple talaq bill was passed by the parliament due to the rigorous effort of the Modi government. As a gift, the crusader of anti-triple talaq, Ishrat Jahan has joined BJP in West Bengal, which was confirmed by party’s state unit general secretary Sayantan Basu. He said, “Ishrat Jahan joined the BJP at our Howrah office yesterday”.

Triple talaq petitioner Ishrat Jahan joins BJP

Key points!

Ishrat was one of the five petitioners in the triple talaq case. Her husband had divorced her over the phone from Dubai in 2014 by uttering ‘talaq’ thrice.

Ishrat Jahan was socially boycotted and attempts were made to character assassinate after the Supreme Court called the triple talaq as unconstitutional. “Ever since the Supreme Court verdict has come in it has opened floodgates of expletives, insulting remarks and comments targeted at my character assassination from my neighbours and in-laws. I have to hear words like gandi aurat (bad woman), enemy of men and unislamic. Many neighbours have even stopped speaking to me”, she had said in August 2017.

“I am shocked, sad and I feel unsafe staying in this house. After such a long battle I don’t have any strength left to fight these people. I want to focus on my four children now”, she added.

“I realised that I am not a victim anymore. I want other women to see me and understand that if an ordinary woman like me can fight for her rights, so can they”.

“Mere judgement by a court will not change the society. It will change the attitude of the people. In my case they have become even more hostile mocking and ridiculing me. The change has to come from within the community. When people decide that they are going to help a vulnerable and helpless woman instead of her character assassination, no woman will suffer my fate”.

The decision taken by Ishrat Jahan was widely appreciated!

  • India knows two Ishrat Jahan, one was terrorist and the other demolished triple talaq!

“Congress distorted Terrorist Ishrat Jahan affidavit & dropped LeT link for Vote Bank whereas BJP invited Triple Talaq petitioner Ishrat Jahan to join Party for Women Empowerment. The terrorist is luckier than Petitioner as Terrorist has lot of support whereas Petitioner faces boycott”. This is how Anshul Saxena exposed the hypocrisy of so-called pro-minority leaders.

Watch!!!Anti-triple talaq crusader Ishrat Jahan joins BJP, says she has joined the party as PM Modi is fighting for them

Hansika Raj


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