Why minority appeasement by many political parties will alienate Hindus?

The recent results of the state assembly polls in UP, Uttarakhand, Goa, Punjab and Manipur are reminiscent of the results of the assembly polls held in 2013 in states like MP, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh & Delhi where BJP not only retained power in MP, Chhattisgarh but decimated Gehlot in Rajasthan and emerged leading party with 31 seats in Delhi. The good show of 2013 assembly polls was maintained by the BJP in the 2014 General elections under the leadership of Modi, which finally led to the ouster of the scam ridden Congress led UPA 2. This was not all, BJP soon after 2014 general elections again shone in the assembly polls of Haryana, Maharashtra and Jharkhand, which again proved –PM Modi’s popularity had not waned. The BJP won states’ elections in Maharashtra and Haryana and formed its first ever govt on its own in the “Jatland”. BJP continued with the good show and formed govt in Jharkhand.

BJP which will be completing three years in power at the centre has given a stupendous performance in the just concluded five assembly elections and the humiliating defeats of the Congress party shows that the slide of the Congress party continues unabated across India except Punjab where SAD-BJP lost power to the Maharaja of Patiala—Capt Amarinder Singh led Congress. It’s noteworthy to mention that the role of Rahul and Priyanka in the Punjab election campaign was negligible. Both brother and sister concentrated in UP and Uttarakhand. Congress party which had formed an electoral alliance with the Samajwadi party in UP was expected not only to give a tough fight to the BJP and BSP but was expected to romp home riding on the shoulders of  Akhilesh led SP on the slogan—“UP ko Saath Pasandhai”. It was dubbed as the winning combination by the political pundits and media, but the humiliating defeats not only in UP but also in Uttarakhand raises big questions on the future of the Congress party and of the leadership of its V-P Rahul Gandhi.

In the last 3 years or so Rahul as the leader of the opposition party has attacked PM Modi at every given opportunity—starting with his “Suit boot” jibe and by making politically ill-motivated and false accusations that “PM Modi spends more time abroad and less time in the country.The Congress in its anti-Modi mindset even attempted to discredit the valour of the armed forces. The party even questioned the surgical strike carried out by the Indian para troopers at terrorist camps inside Pakistan. The outcome of the assembly polls show that the Congress and the opposition in their hate-Modi campaign stand discredited in the eyes of the Hindu voters. The opposition and the Congress further discredited themselves by demanding the release of video footage of the surgical strike. It was this anti-national mindset of the Congress which came to the notice of the Hindus.

The Congress party in the past had also reacted with contempt for the Modi govt when Indian coast guards in well coordinated efforts with the NTRO intercepted a rogue boat off the Porbandar coast and forced its occupants to blow up the rogue traveller. The Congress leadership during the successful interception of the rogue traveller had raised question marks over the authenticity of the operation as during the surgical strike at terrorists’ camps last year.The Congress party and certain TV channels had raised questions over the video footage released by the Indian coast guards. The congress leadership must tell the country why the incumbent govt should act on issues related to national security and terrorism as per the whims of the Congress party which had failed to protect Hindus from the terror attacks during its tenure from 2004-2014.

The INC after voted out of power in 2014 general elections had done in-house introspection. Post drubbing in the recent assembly polls in UP, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa—Time has again come for the Congress to do introspection- why the Congress is repeatedly drubbed at the election booths? Why Nehru-Gandhi magic fails to draw the Hindus to the party? Why the Congress has lost the confidence of the Hindus? Rahul needs to answer how many times he has met with the displaced Kashmiri Hindu Pundits from the valley in the refugee camps and what efforts UPA 1& 2 made for the return and rehabilitation of the Kashmiri Hindus to the valley? But Hindus know same Rahul Gandhi had visited riots affected Muzaffarnagar and interacted with Muslims! The Muzaffarnagar riots took place under SP rule and Rahul formed an alliance with the same party for 2017 assembly polls!! Congress party and its spokespersons must tell why a staggering budget of Rs.500 crores for a makeover of Rahul has failed to connect him with the Hindu masses across India? These are some important questions which Congressmen must ask themselves before it’s too late.

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