Missionary Agenda! Jacobite Syrian Church extends support to CPM’s Women’s Wall in Sabarimala!

The day when few of the so called secular-liberal women announced they were going to enter Sabarimala temple, many of the political analysts told that it was not a random action, but a clear agenda by few missionaries who wants to destroy Sabarimala temple traditions.

Now, it seems the statement has been proved to the core as Jacobite Syrian Church as announced its support for the Women’s Wall which will be formed by the government on the New Year day. Women’s Wall was something which planned by the CPM government to protest against those opposing the women entry into temple. While the real scenario is not about gender bias or insulting a women, the communist government is making all its efforts to malign the Hindu religion with their false propaganda.

Initially when Rehana Fatima, Mary Sweety tried to enter the temple, it was well known that they were being sponsored by some missionaries with a sole intention to create divide among Hindus. Later it was 20 women lead by Selvi Mano attempted to enter the temple. These 20 women were from an NGO called Manithi which is in Tamil Nadu and works for Christian Missionary.

As a proof to this, now the Jacobite Syrian Church has declared open support to women entering the temple. The entire plot to destroy Sabarimala tradition is now clear as the same Jacobite Syrian Church is well known for its conversion activities in and around Sabarimala. They had earlier supported the LDF during the previous assembly election. They intend to gather 1 Lakh women for the protest against Sabarimala which is nothing but an orchestrated act against Hindus.

According to Jacobite Church’s former official spokesperson Fr Varghese Kallappara, the Jacobite Church has asked its followers to take part in the Women’s Wall. “We hope nearly one lakh Jacobite women will take part in the Women’s Wall. It is the policy of Jacobite Church to lend support to those who help us in crisis. That’s why we’ve taken a stance in favour of the LDF Government on the Women’s Wall’s issue,” he said.

Why those people who do not even believe in Hindu religion are making an attempt to enter Sabarimala? While the Hindus are fine with the traditions followed by every temple, it is only those people who all their life have maligned, abused and mocked Hindu religion are the ones who now want to visit the temple.

The answer for this is simple!

It is break the Hindu customs and to project the religion in bad light. Sabarimala is under the Missionaries radar not since 1-2 years but since 40 years. Continuous efforts have been made to destroy the temple and the traditions which is the biggest hurdle for missionary conversion in that area.

These people who did not speak a word against the evil practice of Triple Talaq which is an act followed to suppress women in society, wants to speak on Sabarimala tradition which are based on scientific beliefs and not for gender bias. Manithi NGO is the same organisation which supported terrorists like Zakir Naik and extended support to terror organisation.

So, one can clearly see the agenda of these missionaries who want to attack Hindus with their fake liberal and secular talk! It is important Hindus to be united, if not a day may come when we will be made to believe that Hindu Gods doesn’t exist.

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