Mockery of Temples? Sabarimala Temple not only for Hindus, but for all faiths: Kerala High Court!

Just few days back, the Supreme Court gave a verdict allowing women to enter the Sabarimala temple which had created huge chaos in the state with Hindus protesting against the SC verdict. Thousands of devotees landed on streets requesting people to respect the traditions of Sabarimala.

While Hindu women did not show any wish to enter the temple, some so called Christian and Muslim activists tried to enter the temple against the traditions. But the sad part here was the Muslim activist Rehana Fatima is said to have carried a used sanitary napkin which she intended to throw within the temple premises deliberately to provoke devotees and insult Hindu God.

Following the incident, the Hindus demanded the ban of entry to people of other faiths which was being misused by so called activists. A petition filed by Hindu activist and BJP fellow traveler TG Mohan Das, who had requested the courts to stop the entry of non Hindus which lead to huge conflict. Das petitioned that the high court should rule that the temple should be open to only devotees just like many temples have entry for Sanatana Dharma believers only.

But the Kerala High Court which refused the petition, said Sabarimala temple was not only for Hindus but it had a tradition of welcoming people from all faiths. the court also asked the Kerala government and the Travancore Devasom Board to file their affidavits on the issue and posted the case after two weeks. The court also pointed out that there was no rule that all devotees who go to the temple should carry the sacred kit on their head ,but it said this was a must for the pilgrims who wish to mount the 18 steps that lead to the sanctum sanctorum.

In a second petition that came up before the Devasom bench of the high court, four women, including two lawyers, sought protection of the court for praying at the temple. The state government said if the pilgrim was a devotee, all necessary arrangements would be provided for safe pilgrimage.

Satisfied with the reply, the court told the women that the court had nothing to do in this regard as the government had assured safe pilgrimage.

This verdict has against enraged the devotees who now feel that courts were dancing to the tunes of leftists liberals and ignoring the plea and sentiments of Hindus. Some of the devotees said that we have been treated like goons and have been arrested. All we wanted was to prevent the activists who misusing their freedom to hurt Hindu sentiments by entering the temple. They also said that the court has not taken consideration of the devotees for a verdict related to Hindu temple and is paving way for unnecessary chaos.

Meanwhile, Kerala Police on Monday decided to increase the number of top officials who would be posted in the temple town to oversee security arrangements when it reopens. They would include two additional director generals, four inspector generals, besides other officers, overseeing a total of about 5,000 policemen and women.

Until now over 3500 people have been arrested and total of 529 cases have been registered in various police stations against devotees who were protesting against the SC verdict.

It is sad that how the courts have made a mockery of the Hindus and the Temples using them to showcase their secular credentials. But the same courts would not dare speak a word against many Islamic or Christian practices. If Courts were so secular, why was a similar petition seeking entry of other religion into Mosques was rejected by Supreme Court sometime back!

Mocking Hindus, provoking and undermining their concerns is the real secularism in India.

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