Modi is Busy Protecting the Country While Congress is Protecting Terrorists!

Today morning the Bhopal Police along with ATS encountered 8 SIMI terrorists in the outskirts of Bhopal. The SIMI terrorists had escaped from the Bhopal Central Jail at early hours of Monday.

The terrorists during the escape have killed a police officer by slitting his throat. This was the second time in three years the terrorists had escaped from jail.

The entire country is appreciating the efforts of the police who killed all terrorists who may have posed severe threat to society. But here is the traditional supporter of Terrorists Congress party which has questioned the encounter of SIMI terrorists and has demanded probe against police and state government.

Digvijay Singh of the Congress said “First SIMI activists fled from Khandwa Jail, now they have escaped from Central Jail, This is the job of RSS activists who are sponsoring Anti-Muslim riots in the country. This incident should be probed immediately.”

The left parties have also said that SIMI members were not terrorists saying “SIMI terrorists killing is manufactured and dubious”

It has become a tradition for all these pseudo secular parties to protect terrorists ignoring the country’s security. Be it Batla House encounter, Ishrat Jahan encounter they are openly favoured terrorists. Shameless Congress seems to learn no lesson even after the country gave them befitting reply for their Anti National stand.

The question is whether Modi should protect country or protect terrorists and keep giving reasons why police killed Ishrat Jahan, Shahabuddin, SIMI terrorists ???

These people could not spend one minute to wish our soldiers Diwali greetings, could not condemn Pakistan for mutilating the body of our soldier but when it comes to supporting terrorists, Congress and Left waste no time. What do you call these people Nationalists???

SIMI is a banned terrorists organizations. Does this man know about it?!

Do these people realise that to protect their vote banks, they are putting entire country in danger?! The policeman who fought with terrorist had his daughter’s wedding planned…

For all those who doubt the encounter of terrorists take a look as to what the village sarpanch who helped police had to say

Aishwarya S