‘Modi Is Dominating Us, We Are Isolated Internationally’ – Know Who Said This!

This one is for those Indians who believe Prime Minister Modi has done nothing to isolate Pakistan on the global stage. Most of the things that happen in international diplomacy goes on behind the scenes and hence aren’t that easily visible.

“You tell me, does Pakistan have any respect, internationally? Our international diplomacy is flawed. Modi is dominating us, we are isolated internationally.”

These are the words of former President of Pakistan Musharraf. He said this while speaking to a local news channel. He also claimed that Islamabad has lost its hard-earned respect and currently has no backing globally.

The Trump administration recently went on the offensive by cutting aid of $255 million to Pakistan. It has now given Pakistan a list of names of terrorists that the US demands Pakistan to hand over or kill them. All this is more is being blamed by Pakistan on Indian diplomacy, and the case may well be so.

From alienating Pakistan in SAARC to having South Korea stop funding of dams in PoK, the Narendra Modi government has been actively involved in showing Pakistan its right place. There is no doubt that Indian influence is gaining momentum on Capitol Hill and pro-Indian voices in the US establishment are getting more attention.

Musharraf was the brain behind the Kargil war and responsible for the martyrdom of many of our soldiers in the war. Musharraf has also supported terror groups like Jamat-ud-Dawa (JuD) and Lashkar-e-Taiba and has claimed he’s met Hafiz Saeed. Musharraf openly said he supports the work done by these terror outfits in bringing unrest in Kashmir.

Speaking on a debate, he asked, “Why have we admitted that Lashkar-e-Taiba is a terror group?” He further said that Pakistan fell under the international pressure and banned LeT, JuD. He claimed that it was because of diplomacy by India that Hafiz Saeed was forcefully put under house arrest by a special court in Pakistan.

Pakistan was also recently embarrassed after Palestine recalled its ambassador to Islamabad last week after he was seen sharing the stage with Hafiz Saeed.

These words by Musharraf shouldn’t be ignored. He is a rabid hater of Hindus and India, and in particular Narendra Modi. For such a man to even indirectly praise Prime Minister Modi by saying that he’s isolated India internationally shows the desperation in Pakistan to somehow get out of the pressure India has applied on Pakistan.

Vinayak Jain


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