Why Modi followers, especially women, are abused and threatened on social media? The truth will shock you!!!

Free speech sounds good only if you disagree, abuse and threaten “Modi Bhakts”. But if the same “Bhakts” counter it with valid points, then it becomes a much bigger issue. The haters take it so seriously that even a Senior Congress leader like Digvijay Singh abused Modi followers with cheap words.

Now the Congress backed supporters have decided to demolish each and every social media user who support and defend PM Modi on social media platform. This mentality has driven them so far that, these even started to target women who admires PM Modi.

A 15 year old kid Jhanvi Behal, who was awarded for her contribution to ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ on Republic Day, had challenged Kanhaiyya Kumar for an open debate.

“What Kanhaiya ji said about Prime Minister Modi wasn’t appreciable at all. Instead of criticising the Prime Minister, he should have said something on those who raised anti-national slogans in the campus”, this was said by Jhanvi about the 30 year old Kanhaiya Kumar.

But the liberals couldn’t digest this and started issuing threat against her. Twitter’s head of news, politics and government in India and former journalist Raheel Khursheed showed his narrow mindedness by trolling this young brave girl.

Jagrati Shukla was another brave journalist who has an unbiased style of journalism. But when she exposed the harsh reality of the nation, she wasn’t tolerated by the liberals. Look at the below tweet. The users used “below the waste” language to suppress the voice of  a woman.

Sonam Maharjan, a woman who foster opinions and facts in national interest had also faced abusive warnings from liberals.


Yesterday, Mr Digvijay Singh used foul language in order to target Modi followers. But look how a former IPS officer defended Mr Singh.

Journalist Nidhi Razdhan, from NDTV that spreads fake news, had trolled PM Modi for following few individuals. But this woman follows Tehseen Poonawalla, who had used cheap words against Smriti Irani.

When the evil power increases in the society, the justice will be restored by noble men. In the same way, the sensible twitterati exposed the hypocrisy of the liberals but not in a foul language like they used.

This guy killed us with his sarcasm!!!



Once, there was a time when only a bunch of media was deciding on what to telecast and what not to. The narrative they set was so strong that people were made to believe India was not safe for minorities, journalists and free thinkers.

But soon social media replaced these media house and the agenda behind setting the narrative was exposed. This gradually affected Congress party, pseudo liberals and seculars. That’s why they are targeting Modi followers and threatening women to demoralise them.

Nishika Ram