Modi Goes A Step Further…Slams Nawaz Sharif, Addresses Pakistan Citizens from Kerala!

In his first address to the nation after the Uri incident, PM Narendra Modi gave a short speech which flummoxed many and left them wondering whether he was actually going to press for a war against Pakistan or whether like other PMs before him, just speaking empty words. In fact almost all the opposition parties condemned his speech and one of them even called it “˜bizarre”™. But if one were to contemplate on the speech with a cool mind, one would be able to read between the lines and decipher his message to his countrymen and to Pakistan.

To his Countrymen:

  1. By referring to the 21st Century, he laid the foundation of the speech by focusing on the fact that we have to look forward and not live in the shadows of the past. He also wanted to stress on the goals that his Government aims to reach.
  2. He spoke clearly about the anger and anguish that our people are experiencing, signaling that he feels the pulse of the people and that he is with them in this emotion.
  3. Referring to the Uri incident, he made it clear that his government will never forget it. What he meant was that his government will make the perpetrators pay for it, in the same way, ie. silently and suddenly.
  4. When he said that in the last few months there have been 17 attempts to infiltrate India and that 110 terrorists were killed in the resulting skirmishes (the highest number ever), he very gave a clear message that cross-border patrolling has increased and that the army is having a free hand in dealing with the terrorists.
  5. He repeated praised the Armed Forces and reminded the people of India that the morale of the Army stays high when the people are with it. He also said that weapons were like toys to the soldier. The soldier lays down his life for protecting the country and those people who love them and depend on them. This is a tight slap for the people who say that the soldier works only for his salary (the likes of Malini P & Kanhaiya K).
  6. The most important part of his speech to fellow countrymen was when he referred to the nurses of Kerala who were kidnapped by terrorists. He spoke about the successful diplomatic efforts which helped in rescuing these nurses who were involved in humanitarian work. Wow! What a fantastic way to focus & praise our Diplomatic efforts! Those who think that war is the only solution need to focus on this again.

To the World:

  1. He referred clearly to Pakistan being a Terror factory and a terror exporter.
  2. When he said that Pakistan either sends its terrorists or gives refuge to terrorists like Osama bin Laden, he was referring to USA and how they eliminated him. One can expect India to do such acts with respect to the terrorists holed up in Pakistan.
  3. Keeping the upcoming SAARC summit in mind, he referred to Afghanistan, Bangladesh and reminded the world how Pakistan had committed & is continuing with atrocities on these countries.
  4. India exports software and Pakistan exports terror is a clear indication as to who would be a valuable trade partner to the world.
  5. Referring to Nawaz Sharif”™s speech, Modiji taunted him for reading out a speech written by terrorists. In this way, he communicated to the world that Pakistan just had a puppet government and that its policies would always be fickle. On the contrary, India had a steady government.

To the People of Pakistan:

  1. For the first time an Indian PM has spoken to the Pakistan citizens directly. Bad governance in areas like Baluchistan, Gilghit, Sindh, Pakhtoonistan and erstwhile East Bengal (now Bangladesh) were referred to. It was a clarion call to the proud Baluchis, Sindhis, Kashmiris and Pakhtoons to dream about freedom the way Bangladesh attained it. He also gave them the signal that India would support them in their freedom struggle.
  2. He referred to problems like illiteracy, infant mortality, unemployment, poverty which both India and Pakistan were facing. But he reminded them with strong words that India was working towards eliminating these problems while their government was only brushing aside these problems by focusing on attacking India. He showed Pakistan the mirror. He also directly told the people of Pakistan think and choose their future.
  3. He warned them that he would continue with diplomatic efforts to isolate Pakistan completely from the world.
  4. He also warned the rulers of Pakistan that they would face a revolution in their own country very soon.

Narendra Modi made sure that the whole world remembered that India is a beacon of Unity, Peace and Compassion and that we do not aim for war. Then again he spoke about unity and love for the country which were the strength of her soldiers.  He ended his speech with the promise that he has the vision for a happy and peaceful India in the future, and that he would work for it. Go figure.

Rati Hegde