Modi government awards Nambi Narayanan Padma Bhushan, the Cryogenic Rocket scientist whose life was made miserable by Anti Nationals!

In a most welcome move, the Modi government has awarded Padma Bhushan award to the cryogenic rocket scientist Nambi Narayanan. Nambi Narayanan who was heading the most crucial Cryogenic Rocket Technology in ISRO was once accused of fake espionage charge by the so called secular governments of India which had ultimately destroyed not just his career but India’s most valued Cryogenic Rocket project.

Nambi Naryanan was the only scientist who had mastered the Cryogenic Rocket Technology which was crucial for India’s missile technology and also space programs. Without the cryogenic technology, it was almost impossible for India to launch heavy satellites or missiles which could help our defence forces in a significant way. This was a technology which had been adapted by both Russia and America through which they had launched numerous satellites and missiles and made them most powerful in the world.

Nambi Narayanan was working on the same technology with an aim to build indigenous satellites before he was attacked by the same secular gang who question our Army, question their integrity and support Pakistan and China today.


Cryogenic rocket technology involves the use of super-cooled liquid fuels to produce massive amounts of thrust in order to lift heavy payloads into space. It will be at the heart of India’s GSLV rocket, which will carry future Indian astronauts to the moon. Without having a trust able GSLV rocket, India will have to pay huge amounts to foreign space agencies. So, this technology was focused on manufacturing a rocket with heavy lift capacity and with ultra-low cost model which could one day put NASA out of business.

Since 1980’s, India was looking for this technology and first held talks with Japan, but nothing worked out, then they spoke to General Dynamics Corporation, which offered an American engine. Since the cost was exorbitant, India turned down the offer. It was then Russia offered a two engine and technology transfer for the more reasonable price of $200 million. The Russians were offering a secret engine, the RD-56 or KVD-1, built by the Isayev Design Bureau. This particular technology was way ahead of NASA and had nothing to match its potential.

So, on January 18, 1991 the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) inked an agreement with the Russian space agency Glavkosmos for the transfer of cryogenic technology.The fall of Soviet Union brought a huge setback for Russia and they knew that America would try to steal the technology hook or crook.

So, the Russian space agency Glavkosmos and ISRO decided to outsource the manufacture of the cryogenic engines to Kerala Hi-tech Industries Limited (KELTEC). The agreement was done in such a way that it doesn’t violate the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) provisions.

But American President George Bush who understood that this technology will make India super power, raised queries saying the deal between India and Russia violated norms. However, “India objected strongly to the American actions, pointing out that high-powered hydrogen-fuelled upper stages which took a long time to prepare were of little military value. India also pointed out the Americans had offered them the very same technology and had made no objections throughout the years 1988-92 when the arrangements had begun.”

After Clinton took over as American President, he played a diplomatic game with Russia and stopped Russia from providing all assistance to India. The Russians therefore backed out of the proposals to transfer technology to India and suspended its agreement, invoking force majeure (circumstances beyond its control). But Russia which was a friendly country to India, offered to provide assistance in Production technology and planned to send all the required machinery to India in a secret Cargo.

So, ISRO and Russians came to an agreement and decided to transfer all documents, instruments and equipment in a covert operation in four shipments from Moscow to Delhi through Ural Airlines. And Nambi Narayanan was in the same flight which transferred all documents from Moscow to Delhi.

Though Americans knew that Russia was helping India, they had no proof to prove their point. This is when the Americans handed over the project to CIA which used an internal coup to sabotage the entire Cryogenic project.  The CIA with  the help of few in Indian police department, Intelligence Bureau, few political parties plotted a master plan to trap Nambi Narayanan.

In 1994, suddenly Nambi Narayanan was accused of Espionage charge of leaking the Cryogenic project to enemy countries and was arrested and put in jail. He was humiliated, tortured and mentally harassed as a traitor by none other than the secular parties.

But later it was found that it was trap laid to stop the flagship program of India and help the CIA and other agencies. An article in Outlook in 1998 had clearly pointed the involvement of Intelligence officers, police and political parties in trapping innocent people like Nambi Narayanan.

The CBI clearly named all those people who were involved in this coup against Nambi Narayanan. The people who were involved in framing Nambi Narayanan were  honoured by both Congress and CPI governments in Kerala.

Ultimately, it was in 2014 after the Modi government came to power, the case saw a logical end and finally in the year 2018, the Supreme Court cleared all charges against Nambi Narayanan and ordered the Kerala government to provide a compensation of Rs 50 Lakh to the scientist.

Although compensation was given, who would give back the 20 years of his career, who would give back the time lost in India’s space program? The traitors achieved in making India a weak nation

So, when Modi government recognises a man like Nambi Narayanan, it should make every Indian proud that his efforts are finally being rewarded.

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