Modi Government Goes All Guns Blazing Against Terrorists; 71 Terrorists Recruited in J&K, 58 Already Killed

Prime Minister Modi often mentions how before 2014, newspapers and news channels were filled with reports of corruption and how much money the country had lost, but since then what’s talked about is how much money the nation has gained through various reforms. Similarly, till a few years back, news of terror attacks not only in J&K but even across major Indian cities were relatively common. Since the last 6-odd months, the news is abuzz again but with details of how our soldiers have encountered terrorists.

This transformation hasn’t been easy. Pinpoint intelligence and heightened cooperation between the Army and the local police is instrumental in bringing about such change. This has been the case in the last few months as the Army has gone on an unprecedented terrorist-neutralising spree.

Numbers suggest that a total of 71 terrorists have been recruited in the Valley this year with not a single one in August. Out of these 71, 58 have already been neutralised.

The total number of terrorists killed and those arrested or who’ve surrendered stands at 139 till mid-August which is an unusually high number. Never in a single year have so many terrorists been taken to task before.

Along with the 58 local terrorists who’ve been killed, 74 Pakistani terrorists have also been neutralised. These are those who infiltrate the border with the help of the Pakistani Army. The remaining seven terrorists have been arrested or have surrendered.

As many as 14 top commanders of the LeT, HizbulMujahideen and Al-Badr, have been killed this year. These included two in the ‘A++ category, four in A+ category and eight in A category’. It is being said that many of them couldn’t even settle down in their roles before they were killed as accurate ground intelligence and efforts of the police and the army got the better of them.

After Burhan Wani was eliminated in 2014, Zakir Musa took over. But he soon floated his own outfit Ghazwat-ul-Hind. The intelligence and the army are dedicatedly searching for him as well. Sabzar Bhat took over after Musa left but he was killed in a week. His successor Yasin Itoo met with the same fate very quickly.

This rapid neutralization of terrorists has forced terror outfits in the Valley to depend on infiltration from Pakistan (although that isn’t helping either). The terror network is weakening as not only terror lords are being hunted down, but even their financiers are. This is the first time ever that it seems that the Valley will soon be purged of terrorism.

Vinayak Jain