Modi Government May Start a News Platform to Counter Anti-India and Anti-Hindu Narrative of Foreign Media

The anti-India narrative propagated by foreign media, especially by some channels in Britain, has caught the eye of the Narendra Modi government. This narrative is particularly vicious as was on display when Prime Minister Modi had visited the UK and there a journalist asked him to comment on the rising ‘intolerance’ in India after the Dadri episode. Although, the anti-India narrative is pretty vibrant in India as well.

To counter this narrative, Prasar Bharti has proposed a digital channel to tell the ‘India story’. It is now up to the I&B Ministry to accept this proposal or not.

A Prasar Bharti Committee has submitted a report on the creation of a Digital Platform for India that will report on international news to a global digital audience with an India perspective. The aim of this platform would be to target English speaking audiences, global opinion makers and influences and the Indian diaspora.

One of the most propagated of myths by foreign media is how ‘Hindu nationalists are ushering in a reign of fascism in India’. They also constantly show that these so called ‘fascist’ forces are a threat to secularism. This platform aims to counter this.

This spectacular idea will cost over 75 crores. It will have correspondents across the globe to bring news to Indian audiences as well as present news of ‘new India’ that is emerging. It will be a 24×7 operation on internet platforms.

“The big story is that India is the most diverse and vibrant democracy; lot of things are happening, we have a government that would get a better rating than many others (governments). Yet, the whole discourse seems to be the constant conflict between Hindus and Muslims, which is totally bogus,” said Surya Prakash, chairman of the committee.

The Modi government is apparently angry with the way foreign media has portrayed India and the government. Recently, a spokesperson of the ministry of external affairs questioned The New York Times for criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s choice of Yogi Adityanath as the CM of Uttar Pradesh. “All editorials or opinions are subjective. This case is particularly so. The wisdom in doubting the verdicts of genuine democratic exercises, at home or abroad, is questionable,” the external affairs ministry spokesperson said.The NYT had published an editorial, titled ‘Modi’s Perilous Embrace of Hindu Extremists’.

The manner in which some of the foreign media particularly BBC and NYT demonises Hinduism is sickening. They are judgmental and act as if they’re the authority on India and Hinduism. If brought to fruition, this will be a brilliant move in countering these numbskull foreign journalists who don’t have the slightest of knowledge about Hinduism but bark against it because it puts them on the right side of the leftists.

Vinayak Jain