Should Modi Government Suffer the Same as Vajpayee’s Government?

When Prime minister Morarji Desai implemented demonetization the situation was far different.  India has been developed a lot today.  If Atal Bihari Vajpayee were taken this kind of decision BJP led government  would have collapsed.  A government must think hundreds of time before taking such decision even though having majority.  It should be studied before taking this kind of a change in economy that would reach 1.25 billion people of this country.  This wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t Modi. We should congratulate him for his courage and foresightedness.

Congratulating him is not sufficient.  Until now lines like “success in a democratic country is only possible when people participate along with the government” were only limited to politician’s speeches.   People too, heard it from one ear and left through another.  They had been grabbing gains provided by the schemes of governments and  lived their life praising  or slamming the government.  But the credit of giving an opportunity to participate with the government goes to Narendra Modi. Whether it is ‘Man ki baat’, or ‘Narendra Modi mobile app’ or any other sites like facebook and twitter Modi government has always been achieved people’s active participation.

But our responsibilities don’t end here.  We should give shoulder to shoulder to Modi in building a strong nation.  Firstly we should see Modi as a prime minister of developing India rather than a BJP agent.  I’ll tell you why we should stand with Modi.. Let’s have a look at how the opposition parties supported the initiatives taken by Modi government.  You all know that people of our country have been supporting the initiatives of Modi’s government but on the other hand  the main aim of opposition parties has become to oppose every initiatives taken by the ruling party.

When Vemula , a Ph.D student who was studying in Hyderabad university committed suicide for his personal reasons Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal tried to put onus on Modi.  When Kanhayya kumar and his supporters were arrested for treason once again Modi was blamed. If not enough, they stood with traitors. Wherever dalits were attacked they demanded Modi to answer,  they lied that there was intolerance in Modi’s government, when a retired soldier committed suicide for some reason Rahul Gandhi and kejriwal  demanded Modi’s resignation saying that he died as O.R.O.P was not implemented.  Siddharamaiah who never responded when several farmers committed suicide, gives his condolecence to people who died standing in queue. When transport employees and police staff were doing Bandhs  siddharamaiha threatened to enforce ESMA but  when it comes to the Bandh done against Note ban, he shows his  support by cancelling the assembly.  When we observe all these turn of events  you can come to know that opposition parties are just trying to mislead people.

Let’s see this scrupulously.. Why our opposition parties are opposing Modi government in every step?  Is every action taken by him unfavorable to people?  Absolutely no.. Then?  Here is why oppositions are taking such frivolous actions..In reality congress and other parties are suffering from Modi phobia..!! Modi’s innovative and bold actions are the big hindrance to their dream of getting back to the power. They all know that they can not face Modi individually. That is why MahaGhatbandhan took place during Bihar election. Otherwise, would their victory ever possible? Never.. They have been obstructing his way as they fear that he would again come to the power if he wasn’t stopped. This is the reason they are instigating people against Modi’s government in the issues like Note ban and other innovative initiatives.

Okay.. Let’s leave them.. But like I said earlier our responsibility doesn’t end here.  It is not possible to bring change without out support and Modi is not a magician to bring change overnight. So What can we do?  Ask your elders Why Vajpayee government had lost in 2004 general election even after doing so many good work?  Everyone would say, their good work didn’t get sufficient publicity. Because their good decisions didn’t reach people. Though they had taken bold and strong decisions against international issues like terrorism oppositions were succeeded in making Airline Hijack at Kandahar a big issue which is why they lost.

Now you tell me.. Should Modi government suffer the same as Vajpayee’s government? Should they lose even after doing so many good works? An able administrator shouldn’t be victim of opposition’s conspiracy, should he? If not, we should give shoulder to shoulder to him in his every schemes  so that it can reach every single person of this country. As he said in ‘Man ki baat’ we must give training for elders as well as workers to switch to cashless transactions.  Whenever we get the chance we should expose opposition’s malicious conspiracy and by publishing it in social medias  common man can come to know the real face of these hypocrites.

Another thing.. Please don’t mind. Making something viral in social media doesn’t mean spreading a lie like “UNESCO has been proclaimed Modi as the best Prime minister”. Remember this also damages Modi’s image!!

-Shivaprasad Bhat

(First published in kannada.readoo.in, translated by Shruti Rao)